Reply Forum Bug

I just created this topic for forum bugs because I just found one.

There appears to be a bug in the forum.
When going through the tutorial, the bot explained how to reply, however, my replying message had nothing to indicate that it was a direct reply and the bot claimed that I had made an error and asked me to try again.
Thanks for fixing this!

Noted! - I’ll follow up with you directly to try and square this one. Thanks for the report.

Sorted! For reference, the issue to proceed was a need to “Quote”. As in highlighting the text of a prior post like this:

quoting issue

Causing this:

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In the Star Wars zombie adventures topic the 5th reply is crashing the site constantly. I tried to scroll down, jumped it as someone has replied and scroll up, both way it crashes.

I’m looking from android

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Thanks for the report, getting the same issue on Android, looking into this!

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