Replying to Existing Threads Guidelines?

I was about to chime in, but remembered that I am a necromancer…

A follow up question for veterans of the “FFG Forums Wars ™”, are there well known topics that have been previously asked and answered so many times that they automatically qualify for a “reset the clock” meme? :slight_smile:

Not really, but here are a few I’ve seen repeated ad nauseum, though they’re mostly beginner questions:

  • Modifications always cost 100, which doesn’t stack, but the difficulty does, but only after successful mods.
  • No, an Enhanced Optics Suite can’t let you ignore cover.
  • Armor can make an attack fail. Deal with it.
  • You don’t die when you exceed your WT, you just take a crit (and you don’t add crit totals, only +10 for each previous crit).
  • Players: Talk to your GM.
  • GMs: Talk to your players.
  • Morality can very easily be used in concert with Obligation and Duty, and none of the systems are mutually exclusive.
  • An addendum to the above, let players use multiple mechanics rather than spreading them too thinly.
  • Whether TLJ was a good movie or the worst thing ever to befall Star Wars.

If you have a question and you can’t find a good answer, go ahead and ask. The worst that can happen is someone just gives you an old answer, maybe with a snarky comment (which is unlikely).


Thanks for the quick responce; I will try searching the FFG Forums (archived) for answers to any questions before asking here, as I see this is a relatively young forum (<1 year).

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That’s probably wise.
Bear in mind that there are three (and a half) Star Wars RPG forums in that archive, one for each line and then one for GMs, and the site’s search function is a bit buggy.

It may be worth bringing up a question that’s been answered previously if you have something new to say or are looking for additional opinions, as that will help build this forum’s backlog (which would help newcomers like yourself).


I think HappyDaze is the only snarkshark left here, but his answers are usually on point (and snarky :smiley: )

Oh, the armor debate. God that was a classic xD

Don’t be afraid to ask! We are happy to help newcomers. I’m especially delighted to see new people coming despite of the current state of the line

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The great snarkshark purge of January '21! I remember it like it was yesterday. :D


@Giorgio, I suppose I should have asked earlier, but are you new to the game or just to the forum? Either way, welcome!

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I was refered here by:

, I am a long time D&D/PF GM, with a bit of other RPGs in my lifeforce (recently about 6 months of Mutant Year Zero RPG), and I am laying the groundwork for a FFG SW RPG campaign for in-person/meatspace for Q1 2022.
If you dont mind a another question, how long can you edit a post (minutes, hours, days, months…)?
And thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:


You can edit a post anytime you’ve a mind to. I’ve got a topic for my spreadsheets of equipment and stuff (shameless plug) where I go back and edit the OP every so often to add new information.

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Everytime someone quotes it and you see the grammatical errors in your posts.
At least that’s what I do. :smiley:

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An alternate question, I am slowing working my way through multiple topic discussion threads looking for something specific (before I start checking the archived threads), on the off chance some already knows the answer:

Is there an existing thread that has a min/max (optimizing) topic of with races work best with which careers and specialization?

Definitely not here, probably not on the other forum, at least not a completed one on the other forum.

This community tends to frown on min-max stuff, so those sorts of topics generally don’t get much traction/attention.

If you want to start something like that here, it would be interesting to go through it. At the very least, they’ve added new species since that hypothetical thread existed, if it did at all.

Thanks for the quick responce! This weekend I am doing ZERO RPG creative writing (as many of you might have noticed), as I have to much “RL” stuff going on. Next week however, I will take up this challange if no one beats me to it. :upside_down_face:

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Is it because of “FFG forums wars of the past”, because the ruleset doesn’t really encourage it (unlike say, GURPS and Pathfinder 2E), or because its an “unwritten rule” arrived by community consensus?

Well I’ll be glad to help you with it. Do you have a spreadsheet of the various species options? It is not complete since I don’t have all the books, but I have a pretty comprehensive species spreadsheet if it would help you.

The ruleset doesn’t really encourage it, and thus appeals more to people who tend to dislike such a thing.

“Frown on” is simply a matter of taste or interest, you aren’t going to suffer repercussions from it. No “rules” or anything.

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Uh, what?

It says:
“Error: User Not Found
Please check against next week.”

Is the forum being weird, or are you saying something my fighter plane brain finds inexplicable?

Edit: Ah, it now occurs to me that you are saying you’re taking the week off give real life, as mentioned previously. Apologies, I’m still recovering from my brief stint as Herbert Bartholomew Malignant the Fourth, Emperor of the Fact-Gophers. You would not believe how befuddled splitting your personality with a maniacal rodent newspaperman would make you.

None of the above; a combination of a massive headache, a little yorkie crying incessantly that IF I DON’T WALK HIM RIGHT NOW HE SWEARS TO GOD HE IS GOING TO BLOW UP, and me hitting “enter” by accident = a post that didn’t make sense. My bad.

Let me try again : I will take you up on your offer of working on the abovementioned spreadsheet next week when I can effectively focus my creative energies to do so.

I am in a bad health place right now, so I am going to miss out of FREE RPG DAY (SAT 10/16/21) this year; I am currently working with my doctor to get better. (Not asking for sympathy, just explaining why I am unable to do any creative writing or thinking the past week or so.)

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Oof, I know how that goes. I hope you feel better soon!

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