SWRPG Equipment Spreadsheets

Here are a couple spreadsheets of all the weapons, armor, attachments, gear and equipment, ships and vehicles, ship and vehicle weapons, ship and vehicle attachments, and species from the books I have, as well as information on all careers and specializations.
They include a few custom items, some conjecture, and some suggestions, but those are all labeled plainly.

The first gives additional information in the form of notes on cells, which makes the sheets more compact and easy-to-read.
The second gives that additional information in cells, so that it is visible for mobile users and on printed copies.
The third spreadsheet is crafting tables, and I plan to add custom droid chassis and weapons and further fill out the houseruled attachment crafting as time goes on.
The fourth spreadsheet is intended as an advisory for Character Creation, making it easy to determine what skills you’ll have available to you with different career and specialization choices, as well as a list of species. While the former are not limited by the books I own, the latter is.

Please let me know if I missed anything, made any typos, or did anything incorrectly, as well as giving feedback on the conjecture or custom items.

I will be updating these as I get more books:
SWRPG Equipment Spreadsheet
SWRPG Equipment Spreadsheet (Printer/Mobile Friendly)
SWRPG Crafting Spreadsheet
SWRPG Character Creation Spreadsheet

These are the books currently included in the spreadsheets:

Age of Rebellion (AoR):

  • Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook (AoR CRB, or sometimes, AoR).
  • Forged in Battle (FiB).
  • Stay on Target (SoT).
  • Fully Operational (FO).
  • Lead by Example (LbE).
  • Strongholds of Resistance (SoR).
  • Friends Like These (FLT).
  • Age of Rebellion GM’s Kit (GM).

Edge of the Empire (EotE):

  • Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook (EotE CRB, or sometimes, EotE).
  • Special Modifications (SM).
  • No Disintegrations (ND).
  • Dangerous Covenants (DC).
  • Suns of Fortune (SoF).

Force and Destiny (FaD):

  • Force and Destiny Core Rulebook (FaD CRB, or sometimes, FaD).
  • Endless Vigil (EV).

Miscellaneous (Misc.):

  • Rise of the Separatists (RotS).
  • Collapse of the Republic (CotR).
  • Dawn of Rebellion (DoR).
  • Allies and Adversaries (AaA).
  • Gadgets and Gear (GaG).
  • Starships and Speeders (SaS).


  • Fly Casual (FC) (Weapons, Armor completed)

Coming Soon:

  • SWRPG Character Creation Spreadsheet Talent Sheet
  • SWRPG Motivations, Obligations, Duties, and Moralities Sheet

Quick question (and know that I’m a total tech idiot so the question is likely gonna be stupid): Is there a way to convert the file, footnotes and all, into a pdf for printing once it’s all done? Is that possible? I run old school, paper-centric games and would like to print this out and put it in a binder or something :)

I don’t know, I don’t think so.
It can just be printed straight from the sheet, Ctrl+P. If it isn’t, select “Make a Copy” so you “own” it, then you can definitely print it (and modify it yourself). You just won’t receive any updates or corrections I add.

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But will it print with footnotes and “hidden” information, too, somehow, or just print the list? Printing the list without the “hidden” info doesn’t work for me :) I need all your hard work included in the pdf!

It would not include the notes or “hidden” information. I’m not sure what you could do in a PDF to make those visible when you print it. You’d have to basically rewrite Gadgets and Gear, minus the fluff.

One thing you could do is screenshot and meticulously edit to cut them to fit.
Another option is to insert a row beneath every item and merge the new row into one long piece, then copy/paste the footnotes into it. This might be your best option, and I can whip up an example for you if you’d like.

I can typically remember what ability a given weapon or piece of equipment has, but I always have the digital copies of things handy. So for me, a basic skim of the sheets without the notes gives me a good idea what the objects are, their stats etc. and then I can check the digital file if needed for the additional information.

What exactly do you need? A PDF, or a printed copy?

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I was speculating that perhaps there were a way to format the file so that it gathered all the “hidden” information in footnotes towards the end, or something. That wouldn’t be perfect but would do the job fine enough.

I have started making my own file (suited for my printing requirements) but, as you know, it is a HUGE amount of work to pull off so I’m looking for an easy way out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I could steal your file and edit it to my liking, but that’s a lot of work too. We’ll see.

What I need is a printed file to go in my bound book of SWRPG fan stuff that I’m compiling. A pdf would be easy enough to print, but anything printable (with all info included) would do :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick first look at the idea of putting the references directly below the entry.
An alternative to this pattern would be to cut out the page references, which will reduce the length of the sheet both by reducing the number of extra rows and reducing the frequency of text-wrapping for the “additional qualities” text.
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Oh, I think something like that would work very well for me! Perhaps with Boldened text for the name box (to make it stick out more like a headline, or whatever), and possibly with the reference stuff in Italics to separate that from the stats even more? Something like that?

Really cool stuff, Thunderboy :D

Sure, that shouldn’t be too hard. I can’t promise when I’ll get to it as I’ve got some other projects on my plate and I still need to type up GaG and DaR, but I’ll get to it when I can.

This would be a resource for everyone, not just you specifically, so this question is open to any others who have suggestions, but do you think I should leave in the page reference, or remove it for the sake of condensing the length as much as possible?

The goal would be to make it print-friendly, so I’ll likely also be experimenting with widths etc. to figure out how to best fit it on a page.


Good question. I say, leave the page reference in so that people can easily find it if they want to read up on the fluff for a particular item. (I, for one, take a lot of pleasure in incorporating equipment background into my games)

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I agree, it’s very useful. It’s just a matter of being print friendly. When you’ve got 200 rows that becomes 400, being able to cut out about 50 or so might be a pretty big deal.
Then again, perhaps I should split the “weapons” sheet into separate sheets for Energy Weapons, Slugthrowers, Melee/Brawl, etc. Hmm… Something to consider.
I haven’t actually tried printing any of this out since before I even had the EotE books, so I’m not sure what it’ll look like now with everything I’ve added. It’ll take some experimentation, and any suggestions are welcome.

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Splitting it up into several themed files could be very useful. Also, (except that it means more work for you), perhaps doing two versions? One with and one without the page references?

I dunno :)

It would be one file, but with separate pages. Like how I have the weapons, armor, vehicles, etc. now.
As for more work, it wouldn’t be too bad. I’d do it the full way, then just cut out the pieces I don’t need and merge over. It would be more work, but not excessively so.

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This is lovely, thank you. I might use this to help players with character creation in the future.


Awesome! Just relayed it to my players! Thank you very much!


Update: Fixed some various typos and errors, and I also removed some homebrew.
Corrections: The WP-19 Incendiary Grenade was listed as “250” credits, when it should’ve been listed as “® 125.”
Likewise, the WW-41 CryoBan Grenade was listed as “® 125” when it should’ve been listed as “220.” Since these grenades were on the same page, I believe I just swapped the numbers and then went for the more common 5 than 2.
Anyway, fixed now.

I’ve removed the Anti-Vehicle and Anti-Infantry missiles, as well as the Anti-Vehicle Missile Launcher, as being unnecessary. I had homebrewed them a while ago, but that was before I had access to the array of RAW missiles. Their stats have since become anomalous, and the items are no longer useful.

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News: I’ll be working on adding lists of Base Modifiers and Modification Options to the Attachments page. They’ll show up as notes at first, but when I make a mobile-friendly overhaul, I’ll list them in a row beneath the listing, comparable to my plan for the other entries.


Update: Overhauled Attachments.


Update: Added Gadgets and Gear.


As I add the vehicles from Dawn of Rebellion, I am going to add three columns: one for Encumbrance Capacity, one for Crew, and one for Passengers.
It makes the sheet wider than I’d prefer, but I think it might be worth it. If you have any thoughts, let me know what you think.