Rogue Squadron Delayed

Darn I was looking forward to this movie coming on time. It felt like a Rogue One solder type movie.

Honestly, I don’t mind the delay. That gives me more time to convince myself that my reactions to what I’ve seen of her work (WW & WW84) are due to the specific content, not her abilities at the helm.

Or lets me know that it is largely her as a director (with WW3 and Cleopatra), and I can - for the first time since 1977 - pass a Star Wars movie by.

Latest interwebs scuttlebut says it may be completely shelved, due ro the old “creative differences”

Where did you hear that? Is that very recent?

Last day or 2, can’t find ths article now. Think it might have been Nerdist on FB, or another of those sorts of sites.

Thanks for the update.

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