Rules for creating foes?

I’m about to embark upon running a short campaign with the EotE line, using “The Long Arm of the Hutt” as the base. (My players’ RPG experience outside of the EotE Beginner Box: two RPG grognards who have never played FFG SW, one complete newbie to RPG.) Aside from running “Escape from Mos Shuuta”, this will be my first GM gig in the FFG SW RPG. Most of my player-side-of-the-screen experience is from on-line play-by-forum-post and text-based Discord games - but in the FaD line.

Which leads me to the following: aside from the rules in FaD for creating an Inquisitor (which I don’t expect to be relevant to my upcoming mini-campaign), are there any rules in the FFG SW game lines for creating non-stock NPCs?

I have limited access to most of the FFG SW game supplements. It’s good enough that I can look something up if I know where it is, but I don’t have the time to go through every single one with a fine-tooth comb. (At least, not by Saturday!) So it would be really helpful if someone could direct me to any relevant specific rulebooks/supplements, so that I know which I need to borrow.

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No, there are no such rules, just stat them as you see fit. I’m willing to give any advice you find you need, either here or on Discord.

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My advise is to find an existing NPC that fits (from one of the books you’ve got) and adapt it to fit your needs (add the skills and equipment, or whatever). Then, plan ahead and allow yourself openings for additional minion groups to storm in if the NPC turns out too puny; or perhaps there’s a sniper the PCs didn’t know about, or a Nexu in the back of the bad-guy’s car. Something that lets you pull the “and then the demagorgon shows up” trick if the original opponent isn’t enough.

That, and… look up what you need on this site: They’ve got most of what you could evern need :slight_smile:

A final advise can be to simply print out/fotocopy the NPC statblocks you plan to use (=I’m assuming you don’t have the Adversary card packs). This will cut down on the book flipping considerably.

This is what I assumed is the most common method. Just find something close, adjust.


Adversary cards are great if you have them, most common Star Wars NPCs are among them. Also, you can find fanmade, printable NPC cards too.

I find lot of the times no need to stat the whole NPC if it’s just for 1 or 2 rolls, you can just give a difficulty. Combat is obviously another matter.

I use Adversary cards all the time.

And dont be afraid to just add a few ability or proficiency dice on top once your players get more experienced, put the hurt on them (if not threatened enough they might become bored, which happened to my campaign. But I managed to fix it I think revealing my first Inquisitor to them and nearly hammering the whole group into the ground with him and a squad of jacked up purge troopers).

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