Rules for Social Combat (where to find them)

I know there were Rules for Social combat in one of the rulebooks but I’ve gone though them and I cant seem to find it.
Am I remembering this wrong or can anyone help me out with book & page reference?

Still waiting for my Genesys Rulebook to arrive, I recon there are rules of this kind in there as well but probably focusing on the strength / weakness mechanics of Genesys, so it’s not really applicable to Star Wars.

Desperate Allies page 74 – Social Encounters

I use the Genesys Social Encounter rules in Star Wars all the time. I have the characters in question jot down their Strengths, Flaws, Desires, and Fears as they pertain to the immediate encounter or if they’re relevant to the overarching story. It works great. We’ve had some really memorable story moments.

Yeah I can see that.
But thats nothing I would try to introduce into an ongoing 2 year campaign.

Thanks for the Reference :)

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