Sharing my fillable Adversary Cards


I had in the past posted my fillable Adversary Cards in the FFG forums and then forgot about them.
But just remembered that I had created all of these Card Templates and decided to reupload them to Google Drive:

These are all fillable (I suggest using Adobe Acrobat).
There are Cards for both Adversaries and Ships in the FFG Adversary Card Format as well as larger ones that I found more useful.

Maybe someone can get some use out of these =)


Looks like you need to allow public access to it?

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Exactly what I was about to say. :slight_smile:

Hm I thought I did, I’ll go check immediately.

I’ve updated the original post.
The new link is: Adversary Sheets - Google Drive
Should work now (I hope), sorry for that :sweat_smile:.

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Perfecto. Works now.

Excellent, excellent, thank you very much. I was looking for some a few months ago, but couldn’t find anything, or at least not anything that wasn’t cumbersome and confusing to use. These look just about perfect.


Hi I realize this topic hasn’t been touched in almost a year but I saw this and tried to download it/get the share and it got trashed. I thought these would be really helpful in running my Star Wars Campaign.

I also just tried to access.

When you arrive at the Google Drive, there is NOTHING THERE.

Am I doing something wrong? If not, can this be fixed?


Hey, ah yes changed some folder structures on my drive, apparently this wasnt where I thought it was.
It should be fixed now, can someone test and confirm?


Yep, they’re showing up nicely now.

Okay great =)
Thanks for confirming.