Shipping / Delivery

So I found income/payments for mercenary and bodyguarding jobs in Dangerous Covenants and payments/rewards for bounty hunters in No Disintegrations. Then there are cargo payouts for smuggling in Fly Casual.

The Players of my group started a high risk delivery service transporting goods fast and safe to any location. The company should be mainly do legal business so I found it hard to get to rules for delivery/Shipping services and the payout.
Is there something for this somewhere in the rules or has anybody done some house ruling?

Are you running a Planet Express campaign in EotE?

Because, that’s awesome.

Also, you should totally just have them all be minimum wage, and have the crazy old bastard who runs the company make all the dough.

Actually that´s precisely as it has started.
Planetary and interplanetary Express shipments.

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I didn’t know about the rules for either, thanks for mentioning them.

Legal business would just use the smuggling rules, and wouldn’t ever carry restricted cargo. IMO

I agree. Possibly just adapt some of the prices or modifiers, but I’m unfamiliar with the Smuggling rules so I cannot say specifically.

Thanks to both of you. That´s probably the best approach.

In Far Horizons there is a chart with wages for normal jobs which can be helpfulf for figuring out income for doctors, scholars, police, music bands etc.

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