Smoke Grenades

… any RAW stuff anywhere?

Not as far as I know. In my game, I just rule they cause a couple of visual Setback dice within Short RNG. Something like that.

Genesys has something similar in the Realms of Terrinoth book. I’ll see if I can wrangle up the stats

So it’s an item that can be thrown at a point within short range as a maneuver. It produces a smokescreen that provides concealment worth +2 dice to a single target character and anyone engaged with them.

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I started H/R’ing based off the Genesys stats, in an enclosed space, like a room, where there is nothing further than short range I figured:

Regardless of whether the grenade hits the target ‘square’, or not, anyone in Engaged Range to the space is Blinded: Upgrade all Melee and Ranged (and sight based rolls/actions) difficulties by 1 (a Despair indicates a PC or NPC has hit an ally in a combat check). Firing at targets already in the smoke cloud adds a setback die.

The following round everyone in the area will be Blinded as the smoke spreads (add a setback die unless character is wearing Thermal Goggles etc). Everyone must also make a Hard Resilience Check to prevent smoke inhalation (unless wearing Rebreather masks) Failures indicate the number of rounds the person is Blinded/coughing/choking/retching, Every 3 Threats indicate 1 Strain Damage (this was House Ruled to not supercede Stun Grenades) In addition, Successes on the initial Attack Roll indicate extra rounds the smoke hangs around for etc

Cost 75 credits, Rarity 4, Enc 1, Limited Ammo 1

This is actually a type babble as I just came up with the idea. I’ve read it over twice but I not going back to re-edit. I’ll copy & paste into a Word document and tinker with it. I’ve looked through all the splat I own - Edge and F&D and there are some inspiration in the poison gas grenades.

EDIT: Outside I reckon after the third round the smoke automatically starts dispersing and the success idea for an enclosed space is redundant

Here’s what I wrote up for a smoke grenade:
Ranged (Light); Range (Short); Encumbrance 1; 0 HP; 50cr/2; Disorient 3, Limited Ammo 1.
Additional qualities: This grenade does no damage, but instead sprays a thick cloud of smoke into the air, providing +3 concealment to everything within Short range. The smoke lasts for 3 rounds.


Yup… that could work. I just type babbled as my Devious GM Mind went into overdrive :slight_smile: so they provide concealment for those prepared to use them i.e. the PCs and penalise the targets i.e, NPC mooks, goons or minions… yep, I’ll defo rejig it.

Obviously, duration can be modified by GM for environmental factors (e.g. wind, sealed room).
It’s more tracking, but should the concealment reduce 1 per round? Seems odd that it would go 3->0 all at once, but I suppose you could flavor some “techno smoke” that does that.

Maybe there should be two versions, one for “all within Short range” and another (cheaper, more available) that just does engaged. Latter is Joker-style “and I disappear” and former is military version.

Actually, for smoke this thick, I’d argue that the grenade is pouring smoke into its surroundings as quickly as it can evaporate. Once the grenade has expended its supply, the smoke quickly dissipates and no longer provides concealment. This is precedented with the smoke generator vehicle attachment from DC.
However, I think it would make sense to say something like “in an enclosed space, the smoke does not immediately dissipate but reduces the concealment provided by 1 at the beginning of each round after the third.”

Yeah, that would probably make sense. Smoke lasts until the end of the acting character’s next turn and provides 3 Concealment.


A character in the smoke also suffers the 3 Setback when attacking outward, right? From it’s POV, everything is concealed.

I’m on board with this as is.

If (any only if) you want a tad more realism, you could make the affects weaker during the first and last round. Having used them, it takes a bit for the smoke to fill an area, then it slowly starts fading depending on how much wind there is. But, probably not worth the extra book-keeping.

Is the Disorient “3” based upon the 3 rounds of smoke? If so, I would note that moving from the affected area should immediately remove the Disorient and Concealment.

I like that you used Disorient instead of adding Strain or some such. Unless you are locked in a sealed closest with a smoke grenade/generator, your health is really not at risk at all.

Yes, that is my intention. Same as darkness or smoke in the concealment rules in the CRB.

The Disorient 3 is… comparable to the 3 rounds of smoke. My thought process was that if you’re in the smoke, you might inhale some, it might sting your eyes, you might get turned around (“disoriented,” if you will), etc. Stuff that doesn’t necessarily endanger you, but can throw your concentration off.
I chose three rounds partially based on the duration of the smoke, but with the intention that it was not solely related to remaining in the smoke cloud.
I should probably add “Blast -” to the profile so that Disorient can be applied to more than just the original target.

Ok sounds good. I was going with it isn’t CS or OC, it’s just plain white smoke so if you walk out of it, it isn’t disorienting anymore. You can stand in the stuff with not much affect other then you can’t see very far.

Perhaps two types of smoke? Make the plain smoke give the +3 concealment, maybe Disorient 3, but only if you stay within it. Then make the harsher (CS) stuff give only +1 concealment, but Disorient 3 that is persistent, even if you walk out of it?

CS gas would be a whole different ball game. It’d probably have a (stun) damage stat, maybe Concussive, probably Burn.
For the plain smoke, my intention is specifically not that Disorient only applies when you are in the smoke cloud. If you inhale it, or it stings your eyes, etc. the effect could last longer than just being in the smoke. I could see an argument for decreasing the rating to 2, but I think I like it as-is.
And if we were to change it to being in the smoke, I wouldn’t put a rating on it. I’d say something like “if the smoke grenade’s Disorient quality triggers, it affects everyone within the smoke cloud until it dissipates or they leave it.”

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You could even use the rules for toxins…except nobody really bothers with those.

I’ve decided Blinded 3 for enclosed spaces (unless wearing a rebreather) and Disorient 3 if the target can move out the area as they have breathed it in and are rubbing their eyes. As the smoke should dissipate eventually… fun first, rules second

…and in a few games later I will wait until the PCs are in a room and give them a taste of their own medicine :grin: