Smuggling jobs


Our group is interested in smuggling stuff as a way to get some extra income in our adventures. So we read up on the rules in Fly Casual “Running Smuggling Jobs”.

But the book only says that the the goods are valued according to the Equipment chapter in the Core Rulebook.
But we have a large ship (Wayfarer) so what if we want to buy larger quantities of goods to smuggle and sell? Are there any rules for that anywhere in the books?

Thanks in advance!

I’d allow Negotiation checks made to acquire “stock” to potentially reduce the total cost.

From there, you have to mark the price up on the world to which you are smuggling the items in order to turn a profit (remember to charge your PCs with fuel and the like; some jobs should be net losses if they can’t sell high enough).

The higher they mark up the price, the higher the difficulty to sell. The more in demand/lower the supply, the easier the difficulty to sell.

As for Encumbrance, something you don’t mention but that is important, I use 5-10-20 Encumbrance crates, loading them with however many of a given item I think makes sense. So you might be able to fit 5 blaster rifles into a 5 Encumbrance crate, or 125 vials of some drug into the same crate. Keep in mind proportions and packaging.


A couple additional notes:
The PCs can choose not to sell on a given world if they can’t get enough for it (e.g. they have a bad Negotiation roll), but they’ll have to smuggle the goods back off-world and won’t be able to pick up new cargo until they’ve disposed of what they have.

Don’t let them make multiple attempts on the same world, unless it’s a matter of offering to sell weapons to three different factions, or they do something to radically change the calculus, etc., but they should be allowed to walk away from the Negotiation if they can’t get a good price for their goods.

Every time I see the title of this thread, i think it says “snuggling jobs.” I want to roll a wookiee snuggler.