So That Could've Gone Better

Today, sat in to help my GM run the Force and Destiny Beginner Game for a couple of people. As we faced off against Malefax, he got a good hit in on me, and rolled a crit of 93. With his sword’s Vicious 1, that made it 103 - maimed. Off came my right arm. Medicine check removed the crit, but, of course, my arm was still gone.

We got through the BG adventure quickly, so moved on to the downloadable follow-up. As the corrupted icewolves attacked, I was hit…with enough advantage to crit, alongside a Triumph, so added 10 to the crit. He rolled…you guessed it…93, for a 103. Maimed again. Off came the other arm.

Had to stop, because a player had to leave. GM is begging me to come back for the conclusion. :rofl:

Well, look at the up of this maybe? You can’t get another arm critical. But, there’s legs, so I wouldn’t push the luck.

So robotic arms in your character’s future I assume? Is there perhaps a protocol droid in the party that could wake up armless after a recharge?

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Nah…no droids. It’s strictly the pre-gens for the Beginner Game. Since I’d selected Dao, he’s willing to sweeten the pot by giving me enough XP on top of what he gave the three of us to get all of the pre-gen options for Move, and use the Force to be my “hands.” :rofl:

…just no Force Choke, since, well, how would you do that hand motion?

Tis but a scratch? :smiley:
Still I’m dieing to find out the conclusion of thaz character!

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You’n me both…

I honestly don’t know what to do with him, either…

Don’t worry, I’m sure your party will give you a helping… hand.

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Just sell some vital organs so you can buy a cybernetic arm.


Get up and walk it off!

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