Specialization Sheets and Character Sheets

Here are the links to the spec sheets I created and had posted on the FFG boards under my moniker there, RLogue177. Also I have my own created character sheet and ship sheet. As always, if you spot errors or typos, please holler out!

The spec sheets are in the traditional red and blue, my green and tan (matches my character and ship sheets), and printer-friendly black and white.

Age of Rebellion

Age of Rebellion in red and blue

Age of Rebellion in black and white

Age of Rebellion in green and tan

Edge of the Empire

Edge of the Empire in red and blue

Edge of the Empire in black and white

Edge of the Empire in green and tan

Force and Destiny

Force and Destiny in red and blue

Force and Destiny in black and white

Force and Destiny in green and tan

Clone Wars Era

Clone Wars Era in red and blue

Clone Wars Era in black and white

Clone Wars Era in green and tan

Universal Specs

Universal Specs in red and blue

Universal Specs in black and white

Universal Specs in green and tan

Smuggler and Scoundrel names switched. (Scoundrel career instead of Smuggler career.)

Scoundrel Career Specs, all

Force Powers

Force Powers in green

Force Powers in black and white

Character and Ship/Vehicle Sheets

Character Sheet, combined

Capital Ship/Vehicle Sheet

Small Ship/Vehicle Sheet


@Marlow, may I bring this to your attention?

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Love these sheets, and thank you for keeping this resource alive! We’ve also got them listed on Talent Sheets (swrpgcommunity.com)

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@Rich, you’ve got the Scavenger tree listed on the Universal Specializations PDF as well as on the Clone Wars PDF. I believe the Scavenger tree is unique to RotS, so was this a mistaken inclusion?

You also made a stylistic mistake in the Force Adherent tree, listing the combat skill (Melee) first instead of last.

Edit: Leadership is also misplaced on the General tree, and Charm on the Master tree.
Edit 2: In fact, a whole lot of the Clone Wars era trees have skills listed out of order.

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I put the Scavenger spec in with Universals because I felt like it could be used across any time period and was not specific to any era.

The skills were put in groups and alphabetized. General skills, then social skills, then knowledge, and lastly combat. Their specific orders don’t really affect mechanics or character creation or anything, but it helps me and my players spot their location on my character sheets quicker.

If you look at the spec sheets in the tan and green style, you’ll even see that I colored the skill names to match my sheets. Black, green, blue, and red respectively.

Huh. That appears to not be the case in the red/blue talent trees for the main three lines though, as they are alphabetized by General Skills, then by Knowledge Skills, then by Combat Skills, with no apparent carve-out for Social Skills. I noticed the discrepancy because of the project I was just working on, which involved noting down the skill set for each specialization.
Maybe they were just earlier versions?

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Hmmm… Looking at the Force Adherent, I see what you’re saying. I guess in the “traditional” blue and red style, I didn’t reorder the skills like I did in the tan and greens.

Is that something you’d like to see changed?

The tan n greens are what I use at home, so I suppose i did more format tinkering to them than I did to the blue n reds. And the grayscales are made from the blue n reds.

What I’d like to see is alphabetized categories, split up into General Skills, then Combat Skills, then Knowledge skills. The reversed order of the latter two is of no great consequence.
However, I would not like to see the Social Skills separated out, as that can tend to muddle matters and breaks from their ordering on the character sheet. And because the lines can be blurry, instead of looking neatly sorted it simply looks like you messed up your alphabetization.

That, however, is my taste and my preference. It is your project, so you, of course, have every right to do with it what you will.

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Honestly, it really wouldn’t take much to reorder them as you want to see it, and it would probably make more sense to new players or players using the standardized character sheets.

That can be an evening project for me this week. (I like having projects that keep my mind too busy to lie to me.)

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In the next update, could you publish searchable PDFs? Right now searching for a named talent doesn’t work with any (that I’ve found).

Also, form fillable (tick the box) would be great too, but that’s probably a bigger request I know.

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I probably won’t be doing that sort of thing until I do a complete redesign using something like Publisher or InDesign.

The way I made these was basically making an picture in Photoshop, smashing all the layers flat, and saving it as a PDF. They are just graphic images at this point; no real text to work with. At the time it was what I had, and it worked well enough for my own purposes.

A complete reformat and redesign is something I’d like to do, but not something I am motivated to do. At least not as a priority anyway.

But I do appreciate the feedback and request!

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Hmm… Maybe my next project should be to make a complete list of all talents and what trees they show up in.
That might be kinda a nightmare though. We’ll see.

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I’ll send you mine if you want a head start on the info and do it in your own style. I put together such a spreadsheet to help me do the spec sheets.

Comp list of talents

Page 1 is the master list. Page 2 are the descriptions as they appear in my spec sheets (without the symbols).

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Thanks, that’ll be helpful.

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Just found this list/website of talents off Discord #Resource-Discussion. Tells you where to find, it, active/passive, but no description. I’d appreciate a list that includes description.

There is also this list, which has descriptions but it doesn’t have the recent books.

Glad to see the creator of these PDFs on here so I can say thank you for these incredible resources! They were a godsend in setting up my Quarantimes online game where I’m unable to share my books. Gracias!


There was someone on the FFG forums who made something like that. He went by the handle “ScreenMonkey” IIRC.

He had lists of the talents and which specializations had them, lists of the careers/specializations and which skills they gave access to, and other useful lists.

Maybe the archived portions of the FFG forums have the relevant links. (I have the lists as PDFs.)

@BradBB You’re welcome! Glad you were able to make use of them.

I noticed that you had a JPG version somewhere of a home-brewed Core Worlder universal specialization.

Any chance of adding it (preferably as a PDF) to this thread? :slight_smile: