Species that need stats

Hello everyone! Next month we’ll be looking at species for our community sourcebook, so I’m looking for some ideas to start us off.

Are there any species (from new or old media) that you’d like to see statted for SWRPG?

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Definitely Frog Lady from the Mandalorian show.

Don’t we already have that in the Adventures in Babysitting sourcebook? Its titled as chuckle Phrogg.

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Not sure if I have that PDF. There were some other species I noticed, over the course of a few months, but I forgot to write them down. If I remember which ones they were, I’ll come back to the thread.

EDIT: Found the stats you mentioned. I appreciate fans doing work like this, but a lot of the fan-made species have ability bloat. Phrogg has too much going on in my opinion.

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As the source book is oriented towards racing, I’m drawn to a lot of the species that were introduced as pod racers. As such I have created a list of species that have no stat block (that I could find) and the most notable member of the species.

Sneevel (Boles Roor)
Veknoid (Teemto Pagalies)
Ciasi (Slide Paramita)
Triffian (Ebe E. Endocott)
Fluggrian (Elan Mak)
Glymphid (Aldar Beedo)
Er’Kit (Ody Mandrell)

Other Podracers are out there without stats for their species however their species are unnamed so It could be worth a look at. Such podracers include:

Bozzie Baranta
Toy Dampner
“Bullseye” Navior
Fud Sang (Possible species name of Sanhueli but species never made it to cannon/legends)

The Admin team had a brief discussion about this last week and discovered that Ugnaughts have still yet to be statted out!

We currently have a poll on for statting these lovely species:

Devlikk **
Loo Re Anno’s species **
Toong **
Triffian **
Troig **
Veknoid **
Vulptereen **

Where ** means they’ve been seen in racing-related circumstances.

You can vote here (closes 2022-02-05T01:00:00Z): Discord

Troig, Ugnaught, and Zeltron have stats in the Complete Species pdf

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Ardennian, and Vulptereen are also stated out in the Complete Species PDF

Doesn’t mean we can’t give them a shot too!

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If you could do versions that get rid of the ability bloat, I’d definitely use yours instead!

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The Sephi recently changed in cannon (they became more tech focused), and I would like to see the new version stated. I do think some of the more public homebrew species need some alterations to fit pervious published incarnations of said species as well. Just my 2 cents though.

As an example, Miraluka always had a penalty to agility/dexterity in previous versions, not presence. I do not recall hearing that this was retconned so…

I do so love the work the community is doing though, it is a huge benefit to the game!

For near-humans, I personally don’t see the point. I am surprised Mirialans even got a different species block from humans.

While I partially agree, a lot of near-humans have been stated both in this game, and in previous incarnations of Star Wars roleplaying. With many near-humans (such as Miraluka), you cannot really create the species with the existing human rules. Same with the Zeltron, etc. Saga Edition had a neat tool for creating near-humans.