Split Saber?

Hey guys. Just wondering if there is a double-bladed lightsaber that can be split into 2. Like Cal Kestis’s lightsaber. If not, I’ll just try and homebrew something up.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t believe so, but you could just make one. Increase the cost of a double-bladed hilt by, say, 10%? Then say it’s a maneuver to split or re-combine them, and let Quick Draw affect that time. Boom! Done :slight_smile: .

It might take up one of the blades’ hard points, but that’s probably the only other thing that would change.


What I was thinking is that I would make a custom double saber where yes, it’s a maneuver to split or re-combine them. When you split them, they gain the accurate 1 quality, because they split into 2 Shoto sabers, both with a base damage of 5 (Ilum crystal) Then you would have to upgrade the difficulty for the dual-wielding rules. Then I would increase the Dual saber base dmg to 10. Is that to OP?

I don’t think making the split sabers effectively shotos is too OP, but I’d leave the standard double-bladed stats the same. Consider that you have to add in additional tech inside the hilt that would allow for the blades to be split, meaning they can’t possibly be MORE effective than a normal double-blade. They can be, at best, just as good.


Here is my idea of the stats of the Split saber.

Double Blade mode:
Damage (7) Crit (2) Range (engaged) Skill (Lightsaber) encumbrance (2) HP (3) price ® ($20,460) Rarity (10) Special: Breach 1; Linked 1; Sunder; Unwieldy 3; split mode (use a maneuver to swap between modes)
Dual Wield mode:
Damage (5) Crit (2) Skill (Lightsaber) Range (engaged) encumbrance (2) HP (3) Price ® ($20,460); Rarity (10) Special: Breach 1; Sunder; Accurate 2(?); dual blade mode (use a maneuver to swap between modes)

I took the double-bladed lightsaber from the FAD core rulebook and buffed the dmg by 1, and added the dual-mode to the specials. I also decreased the HP by 1. You might notice that I put a “?” after the accurate quality. This is because I don’t know if accurate stacks (Because the dual-mode is just 2 shoto’s). The purpose of dual-wielding is the chance of extra damage to the enemy, with the increased difficulty that is balanced out with boost dice.

Accurate does not stack when dual wielding, you only get the bonuses from the primary weapon.
Why would you buff the damage by one when combining the sabers? Putting it back to +/- 0 makes sense, but why would it swing from -1 to +1?

I’d simply make a 1 HP attachment for the double-bladed lightsaber allowing you to separate them into separate sabers (still with identical stats). When separate, it loses the Linked 1
and Unwieldy 3 qualities and gains the Defensive 2 quality.

Another alternative is to have a 1 HP attachment that can be added to lightsabers, allowing them to be connected (it must be added to both hilts).

Then you use the same rules for dual-wielding, except that you don’t increase the difficulty once. However, if you are disarmed or your saber is destroyed, you lose both weapons. (with the intention that it takes a Maneuver to connect/disconnect them)


I love this mechanic. Maybe even allow for a modification to it that gives one free Quick Draw, but only to split or re-connect the hilts (EDIT: I’d only recommend that if you have it cost a HP).

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Alternatively, “1 Split or connect the hilt once per round as an incidental Mod.”
Probably a better way to word it. But yeah, 1 HP makes sense.

If splitting the sabers into two 1h sabers, I would caution that the player needs to declare which saber is being used as the striking saber while in 2h mode, for purposes of Linked.

Right, same as the two-handed weapon rules. You’d also have to increase the difficulty.

Yep. Risk missing for higher damage. That’s the entire point of the Split Saber.