Spreadsheets to track XP and money expenditures?


I’ve been looking around for some copies of spreadsheets that can be used to make it easy to track XP and money expenditures, especially during character creation. Character builders like OggDudes or myrpgtool.com can make this easy, but I really don’t want to have to run Windows again, and myrpgtool.com is coming along nicely (and yes, I am a Patreon supporter), but it still isn’t quite there yet.

I know I’ve seen some Google spreadsheets floating around to do just the expenditure tracking part, but I can’t find any that I have run across before.

There are plenty of Google spreadsheets out there for equipment, species, talents, and much more, but none of the ones I’ve found so far are intended to be used interactively to keep track of actual expenses during character creation.

What am I missing? Thanks!

This shouldn’t be too hard to do yourself, I don’t think. Just add a column for XP and a column for credits, and set each column to sum. Each time you add a new line, add a negative number for expenditures and a positive number for income.
Alternatively, four columns. Two for expenditures and two for income (one each for XP and credits).

What exactly are you looking for though? Just the above, or do you want to be able to click “Stealth 2” and have it automatically add a certain expenditure to your account?

Personally, I just do it by hand. I understand why other people would not want to, but that’s my perspective.

Double-entry accounting is what you need to keep everything straight. And that’s not something I can just do in my head, or by hand.

I got a starting spreadsheet that was sent to me by a GM in another game (more like AoR, but Clone Wars era), so I’m adjusting and updating that for use in an F&D campaign. They don’t track money in that game, and the spreadsheet they gave me also doesn’t track Morality, so I’m having to make some significant changes.

But at least this should be enough to help me keep myself honest.