Star Wars Character Generator

I got the new version last night and it works great. One question it too a long time to download it, about 10 mins. Is this normal? I am on Comcast and I live in Aurora Colorado.

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Is this a version later than v.

No its version I downloaded is

I seem to recall that v. took some time, but exactly how much I couldn’t say (it was a while ago). (Also, my internet connection is not the greatest.)

To be honest I am not aware of the forum policy towards thread necros. So I apologize upfront if that´s not wanted.

My question is, if it is possible to copy/implement the miraluka stats of the Complete Species Guide to OggDude`s Star Wars Character Generator and if the answer is yes how to do so.

The Data Editor function will allow you to enter in custom data, including Species.

  • Open Data Editor

  • Click the “Species” button

  • Click the “Add” button

  • Enter the species data

If you’re not quite sure how to enter it, the documentation included with it is great, or you can choose “Modify” on one of the existing species to see how it’s entered.

Thanks for the prompt answer.
I will check it out.

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Can you duplicate an existing species and edit it like you can with items? Taking a similar species and changing what you need might save some time.

Absolutely. In Data Editor, select the species you want to copy and click the “Copy” button.

After copying you can edit the copy to your heart’s content.

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