Star Wars Dice through Barons of Dice

Hi everyone,

I sharing this since the dice are so rare to find, there is a website - who made what he calls galactic Empire Dice. These are similar to Star wars dice but they have slightly different symbols, I bought some and like them. Check our the site and see if you are interested in them:

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“The Baron” lives very near to my FLGS and supplied the store with six sets of those dice to see how well the would sell. Four sold the first night. The other two before the end of the week. I presume he changed the symbols to avoid getting in trouble with Edge Studios. The dice themselves are excellent quality. I have 1 set of FFG dice I got from my beginners set, 2 sets of “Baron’s” dice and 2 sets of 3D printed dice and I must say the “Baron’s” dice are almost as nice as the real thing. I can not stress how much these are worth it since we can’t get the authentic dice anywhere at a decent price.

The only thing I would like to see changed on the dice, would be the good dice to have white lining so they are easier to read. The black doesn’t stand out as well with the lighter colors he has. I have had no issues with his dice and greatly appreciate him working to fill a need for the community and recommend people to support him until Edge can get their dice out.