Star Wars Discord RP

Ni Fang from the FFG forums and I have been working on setting up a new Star Wars PbP!
It is currently lacking a name. <_<
We welcome the suggestions of our new members!
Discord Invitation

We’ll be using a heavily houseruled system based off of FFG’s system, but dramatically condensed and simplified in certain areas while staying overall true to the system’s narrative style. The most major changes are that we have done away with talent trees and have dropped Wound Threshold entirely in favor of every hit generating a crit. We’ve also shifted Force powers away from Force power trees and to a skill system. That’s the in-a-nutshell version.

What we need:
Players! Lots of players.
We’re planning to have two factions (one Imperial, one Rebellion) with smaller groups inside each as we gain enough players.

Where it will be:
Oh, you mean where in the Star Wars timeline? About two years before Rebels, which is also about a year and a half after Solo.

Important game information:
We have a new custom race. Known as Tzook, commonly referred to as Tooka, they are an evolved humanoid form of the common Tooka and Lothcats, averaging about human-sized to a bit taller.
The Chiss are also present (please note some embellishments have been made as well).

The houserules are currently a work-in-progress, and continued development will be based on feedback from the players.
(Important! Most talents don’t work like they used to. Read their full descriptions)
WT-less Equipment Spreadsheet
Skills/Talents Spreadsheet
Rules Doc

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We’ve got a couple story lines just getting underway, and are looking for more players! Please check us out if you’re interested, or don’t, we’re not lonely or anything. *sniff* No, it’s okay. We’ll be fine. *sniffsniff*
(Or, if shouting and being authoritative works better for you, JOIN NOW!! CLICK THE LINK! GO ON! CLICK IT NOW!)
(And no, as far as I am aware, we have no cookies. Digital or otherwise. You’ll have to bring your own.)

(Still needing a name) Star Wars RP server: Discord invitation