Star Wars Novels

Hi all,

I want to know if there are any well written Star Wars novels out there you can recommend.
To be honest most novels I read are mediocre at best in regards of style and handcraft, which is a shame because sometimes the plot stil is promising.

Thanks in advance

I agree that sub-par writing often gets in the way of enjoying a good Star Wars tale. Here are a few novels that I think were written well and had a good story.

  • A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller, a canon Hera & Kanan pre-Rebels adventure
  • Kenobi by John Jackson Miller, a legends post-Ep III western on Tatooine
  • Ahsoka by E. K. Johnston, a canon post Clone Wars adventure (This one is a young adult novel but did not feel as much so as others of that ilk.)
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I quite enjoyed the Aftermath trilogy.

Admittedly they didn’t blow me away, but the main characters were good, I enjoyed spending time with them. Plus you get a really good account of the actual end of the war following Palpatine’s death, and details of the political maneuvering on both sides.


‘Courtship of Princess Leia’
‘Young Jedi Knights’ series
Thrawn trilogy

Thrawn novels, all of them. I only read the original trilogy, but I’ve heard lots of good about all the others.

Republic Commando. These books are phenomenal, especially if you’re a fan of the Clone Wars era.


The High Republic books as a whole are quite good.

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Also the Bane Trilogy. Everything you want to know about the sith is in it. (If you like Mass Effect or KotOR - this is the same writer)

Thanks for all the input. :+1:

Welcome back @jendefer!
I’ve heard the Thrawn trilogy is very good. I’m planning on reading it soon.
If you’re into this sort of stuff I’ve heard the Vader comics are also extremely good, providing background on the Grand Inquisitor and (of course) Vader.
As well as the Darth Plaigious stuff (can’t remember if it was a book or a comic, but I know it was a trilogy)

I haven’t read any of these yet, but I’ve heard these are extremely good.

I read the Thrawn Trilogy in the early 90´s and while I liked the plot I think the writing wasn´t very good.
At least that´s what I remember. Though I need to mention that it was the german translation and in 98% of the cases, a translation is worse than the original, normally far worse, so I might give it a reread.

Comics are another matter. Right now I am looking for novels only.
But I can confirm that the Vader Comics were very good.
And for the record - the more I read about the actions and tasks Vader did, the less can I understand or accept his redemtion at the end of ROTJ.


The Canon Vader comics are… over the top. Originally, not so bad. But it comes back to the jumping the shark problem. :P

The Thrawn Trilogy is, from my knowledge, very well written. I’m no great literary critic, but that’s my two cents. Translations of literature (be it novels or poetry) are often rather poor and lose a lot of the linguistic context.

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