Star Wars RPG Asset Pack (TTS)

Hey folks! I wanted to start up a thread to record updates to my Tabletop Simulator asset pack on the Steam Workshop. You can find the link here: Steam Workshop::Star Wars RPG Assets

It has 1000’s of 3d models and assets collected from around the community, with original creations by a fantastic team of modelers and importers including kevlar, Thronan, The Yodax, and Bountyhunter of Legion community.

Here’s some pics from the latest update to the pack:


Here’s the notes for my latest update posted 1/29/2021

Nearly 100 new additions in this update! If you like what you see and want to support these regular updates, in addition to the SWRPG Community, feel free to support us on Patreon. It’s massively appreciated, and I’ll be sure and get your requests added ASAP.


-Added Vader’s Castle (REQUEST)
-New Batuu Buildings, including Ronto’s Roaster and the Cantina
-Yavin IV and Naboo Temples
-Additional buildings contributed by kevlar!

Character Models

We’ve been working on adding the number of characters to the asset pack. Big additions coming here in future updates!

23 new models in this update:
-New Twi’lek,including Male (REQUEST)
-Ithorian, Nautolan, Gungan (REQUEST)
-A few new hero models, including Prince Xizor and Young Lando (REQUEST)
-New beasts! Reek, Wampa, and a Mudhorn!


34 new ships in this update courtesy of Armada, Thoran, and Kevlar
-New frigates, battlestations, and shuttles
-3 new Death Star’s including DS1 and DS2
-C-9979 landing craft courtesy of Kevlar (REQUEST)


-New Sith Holocrons and Wayfinders
-New Life Day decoratives courtesy of Thronan
-New Greebles


-We’ve added a two new colliders that let you hide the bases of Legion models!
-An audio box for sound effects and ambience courtesy of The Yodax
-Bags and bags of environmental effects (REQUEST)


A little teaser of the next update :slight_smile:


Very cool! Me and my players are using TTS right now for our games. This will be helpful, thanks!

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