Starships/Starfighters/etc as characters

I am honestly well and truly curious, has anyone tried this ? its been briefly put forth twice in two books; From a Certain Point of view, when everything is from the point of view of the MSE-6 droid Chewie scares away, and also in The Last Jedi novel by Jason Fry wherein BB-8 and Black One, Poes X-wing bicker between each other.

it got me to thinking; why not do a star wars game, even if its a oneshot, where the player characters arent people but are infact the starfighters, the freighters, the dreadnaughts and battleships, heck even swoopbikes and speeder taxies too.

I figured it best for this in the homebrew section because it felt best here because it feels like a fun homebrew way of doing things

What do you guys think ? Feasible ?


For some rather obvious reasons, I have toyed with this idea myself but have never had a good opportunity to actually put it into practice.

It does make sense canon wise because L3 was loaded into the millennium falcon during Solo. I know eventually she lost her individual personality. But this maybe be away to at least have a NPC as a ship. Where uploading a droid into a ship’s computer system turns it into a NPC or a character.