SWRPG Manager - A tool to help GMs manage Adversaries

I created this free online tool to help GMs run SW FFG games: https://swrpgmanager.yoaquim.com/. It supports viewing adversaries’ characteristics, derived values, talents, abilities, skills, weapons and more. It also allows you to organize and manage adversaries in a (hopefully) streamlined way.

This would not have been possible without Stoogoff and his awesome tool (would have linked it, but limited on links I can post :frowning: ); it definitely inspired this tool, so shout-out to them wherever they are! How is this different from Stoogoff’s existing tool?

  • You can create an account and login

  • You can create campaigns and scenarios

  • You can browse adversaries and add them to scenarios

  • You can then “play” a scenario and get a minified view of all adversaries, so you can manage them all in one screen.

  • It’s all saved online, so you don’t have to worry about importing/exporting

  • You can “roll” dice and get results (this is still actively being developed, so very early functionality still)

  • Other UI changes

  • More soon, if folks find it useful!

The tool is still in the early stages, and will most def break – please reach out when it does!

If you wanna donate, feel free to buy me a coffee — but no pressure, just enjoy the tool!

Happy to hear feedback on this.

Happy gaming!

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More screenshots:

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This is awesome! It’s a nice integration of the Adversaries function. Any plans to let us import our custom adversaries?

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Hadn’t thought about it, but can certainly think on it and plan it out!

In your opinion, what would be ideal?

Thanks again!

I used the looing for adversary feature exclusively through my last campaign. It worked well, hope to see the ability to bring in our own soon.