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This is a thread to track new additions and changes to SWRPGCommunity.com.


Added to Character Sheets Page
by @Joress
Swoop Bike Blanks sheets Dropbox - statBlockBlank-swoopBikes.pdf - Simplify your life
Star Destroyer Stat sheet for large combat Dropbox - statBlock-starDestroyer.pdf - Simplify your life
Squadron Stat sheet for large combat Dropbox - statBlock-squadroncombat.pdf - Simplify your life
GM Combat Tracker Sheet Dropbox - EOTE-GMSheet-tracker-V1-4.pdf - Simplify your life
Various GM Session Sheets Versions for tracking gameplay Dropbox - EOTE-GMSheetV1-4.pdf - Simplify your life

Added to Graphics & Tokens Page
Assorted Cards using the Dearth’s Template

Added to GM Screens & References
SWRPG Combat Tracker by stanshinn
Space Range and Speed Combat Sheet

Added to Homebrew
EotE Ship Conversions - homebrew ships created and curated by LibrariaNPC

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Website update for 1/21/2021! Continuing to scrape through the forums and the Facebook pages to catalogue. Don’t forget, if you have contribution, submit it at https://swrpgcommunity.com/contribute

Added to Character Sheets Page

Added to References & Cheat Sheets Page

Added to Adventures

Added to Galaxy-Building

Added to Gear & Indexes

Added to GM Screens & References

Added to Graphics & Tokens

Added to Homebrew

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Website Resource Update for 1/27/2021.
Let us know if you have a contribution to add at https://swrpgcommunity.com/contribute !

Added to How To Play

Added to References & Cheat Sheets

Added to Character Sheets

Added to Pre-generated Character Sheets

Added to Adventures

Added to Adversaries & NPCs

Added to Galaxy-Building

Added to Homebrew

Added to Music & Sounds


Just posted a fairly significant update to SWRPGCommunity.com. In addition to a number of resource updates, there are two new pages that should be fairly helpful:

  1. Character Templates (swrpgcommunity.com) - Featuring cloneable RPG Sessions templates for every Career and Specialization, making character creation a whole lot easier for those using the RPG Sessions platform.

  2. Official Books (swrpgcommunity.com) - An itemized listing of all of the official books and supplement. Given how expansive the game is, this should be a helpful resource for parsing out the products available to players.

As always, let me know if you have any suggestions for the site! Cheers!


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