Tabletop Simulator SWRPG Miniature Creator Release!

Hey folks! Really excited to share that I have released my miniature creator on the TTS platform. As far as I am aware, this is the first 3D character creator to be on the Tabletop Simulator platform, so I’m pretty excited. Here’s the link: Steam Workshop::Star Wars RPG Miniature Creator

Through a simple drag and drop system, you can create custom player figures, NPC figures, and more. The system works through kitbashing Star Wars bodies and heads from older Star Wars video games to allow for a ton of creative options from making NPCs on the fly to custom designing your own character. You can continue to customize with a selection of hair that you can attach to each model, custom colors for skin, and more!

This initial set features bodies and heads representative of the core species and careers available in the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook. Follow up releases will cover other core rulebook species and more!

A few pics below:

Here’s a quick gif to show off how it works:


Wow… I am blown away. This is amazing. Gonna use this immediately

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I’ve been recently trying to figure out how to use TTS to create 3D maps; this will make it even better!

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If you need, my other mod the Asset Pack, as a lot of pieces for map building here: Steam Workshop::Star Wars RPG Assets

Yeah, thanks, that’s the one I’ve been using. It’s more getting to grips with TTS itself (and OneWorld) that has been giving me problems. I want to import ship deck plans and build them up, similar to the YT-1300 model in your pack.


Impressive. Most impressive.

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I tried it out, very nice job. Everything works pretty well, I made a bunch of interesting characters with it.

Any chance we can get more hairstyles?

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ooo you’re the first to request that!

My current line up of changes for this coming week’s update include:
-attaching weapons
-attaching helmets
-sullustans + kel dor

I can definitely look into adding more hairstyles down the line.

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Hey folks! I’ve just updated this with a load of new stuff.

Update 1.5 - Accessory Update!

New Features:

  • New Species: Kel Dor & Sullustan
  • Hand Attachments - you can now attach items to your mini’s hand!
  • Helmets - A selection of helmets are now available!
  • Weapons and handheld objects! - If you can hold it, your mini can too. Weapon contributions from Dimension 7 :)
  • Head adjustments - Think your mini’s head should be bigger? After importing, adjust the head just like an attachment
  • Patreon Requests included in this update: a Wookiee warrior, colorable B1 battle droids, and a new pose


  • A completely rewritten backend system means attachments will no longer offset on a reload
  • A new rotational adjustments, allowing you to rotate objects before attaching

Known Issues:

  • Models can no longer be updated with a new species head or change color after being created.
  • Certain weapons attach backwards. Fixable with the new rotation tool
  • Hand/Helmet attachments are not 100% accurate. Adjustments needed

Hey folks! Got a huge update to this I just pushed this weekend. The Age of Rebellion Update! With this update, species from both Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion core are now covered. Check the full patch notes below.

Welcome to the Age of Rebellion! The first major content drop and third major update for the TTS Miniature Creator.

New Species
-Ithorian, Mon Calamari, Duros, Gran, Kubaz, Ishi Tib

New Bodies
-31 New Imperial and Rebellion Themed Bodies
Stormtroopers, Officers, Aces, Soldiers, and More!

Tool Additions
-New Accessory Menu System and Sorted Accessories
Features: Hair, Helmets, Melee, Blasters, & Equipment
-New Custom Submenu
Allows for custom offsets of objects. More to come here in the future!

New Accessories
-30+ New Helmets, Hoods, Hats
-Republic Commando Themed Weapons & Equipment (courtesy of Dimension 1!)

New Heads
-5 New Bothan Heads
-1 New Sullustan Head
-1 New Female Twi’lek Head (Grey)

New Full Minis

-Weequay and Female Rodian Head re-added
-Helmets should attach better
-Blue Technician Body properly attaches now
-Weapons should have better orientations when attaching
-Removed 1 Female Body to fix colliders


Amazing! Cant wait to use these! I’ve already used a bunch in my games. Thanks for your hard work