Talent trees and force powers

Here is one more set of specialization talent trees and force powers.

This was created using a custom talent tree generator software that is a heavily modified version of Maximilian Kalus’s excellent talent tree generator (GitHub - mkalus/sw-talenttree-generator: Star Wars RPGs PDF Talent Tree Generator). The graphical style is heavily influenced by Begging For XP’s (http://beggingforxp.com/) excellent talent trees, so credits in that direction too :slight_smile:

Currently the pdf includes all the specializations and force powers from all three lines, as well as the careers and universal specializations from the three era books.

Download: http://mman.kapsi.fi/rpg/starwars/FFG_Star_Wars_Talent_Trees.pdf
(Last updated 2021-04-31)

Let me know if you spot some blatant stupidities, typos etc.


Nice to have searchable text in the PDF; thanks!
Next request would be form-fillable checkboxes for each talent.

Hi there. I just stumbled on this AWESOME resource today and I did find a few oversights, specifically in the “Career Skill” and “Bonus Career Skill” fields.

(1) There are many Force using trees (specifically all of the F&D trees and Jedi Padawan from RotS) that do not list the Career Skills or Bonus Career Skills.

(2) Vanguard (Soldier) bonus career skills are inaccurate.

I would LOVE to hand this out to my players as a one-stop resource for character creation ideas, but those things above may cause some headaches.


  • GM Khyrith
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Thanks for the feedback!

I had made some smart changes to the generation code and apparently blundered the Force specializations :D
I have now corrected those and changed Vanguard bonus skills to proper ones.

The file behind the link in the first post has been updated to the latest version.

Pls Disregard I got it to work…

Wow. Thx for working that so fast. The link is still taking me to the original file ??

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I got the new file. Thanks, @MMan !

Howdy, GM Phil! Chuckling at bumping into you here! “We need more Cowbell (Order 66 Podcasts) !!”

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Actually, I’m not that GM Phil. I chose not to listen to the Order66 podcast once I started being a GM for my family. Only recently did I discover that GM Phil is also sometimes called Filbert. Oddly enough, I chose the Filbert66 moniker long before I never listened to the Order66 podcast, and it has nothing to do with that Order.
I was thinking of using the GM Phil nickname here, but didn’t want to confuse anyone, LOL.

Ah, gotcha. In that case: Well Met, and May the Dice roll in your favor !