Talent trees and force powers

Here is one more set of specialization talent trees and force powers.

This was created using a custom talent tree generator software that is a heavily modified version of Maximilian Kalus’s excellent talent tree generator (GitHub - mkalus/sw-talenttree-generator: Star Wars RPGs PDF Talent Tree Generator). The graphical style is heavily influenced by Begging For XP’s (http://beggingforxp.com/) excellent talent trees, so credits in that direction too :slight_smile:

Currently the pdf includes all the specializations and force powers from all three lines, as well as the careers and universal specializations from the three era books.

Download: http://mman.kapsi.fi/rpg/starwars/FFG_Star_Wars_Talent_Trees.pdf

Let me know if you spot some blatant stupidities, typos etc.


Nice to have searchable text in the PDF; thanks!
Next request would be form-fillable checkboxes for each talent.