Target: Coruscant - a SWTOR Prequel Campaign

Target: Coruscant - a SWTOR Prequel Campaign
System: FFG Star Wars
Schedule: Weekly Sunday 2 to 6 pm PST
Players: 5 of 6
Tools: Discord (voice only), Roll20 for campaign forums and RPGSessions game table and character sheets
Application: Read the Application and House Rules thread for instructions: Target: Coruscant — a SWTOR Prequel Campaign LFG | Roll20: Online virtual tabletop
Setting: Star Wars the Old Republic at the start of the Great Galactic War

The Sith Empire is back. All forces, fleets and armies are massed with one objective. Target: Coruscant. The PCs are Imperial or Sith trainees not ready for the academy much less for war. Pushed into service, and eager to bring justice for the war crimes of the Jedi and Republic during the Great Hyperspace War, the party will start young and if they survive grow battle hardened over three decades of war leading up to the climactic events of the Sacking of Coruscant.

“The Sith Empire we believed we destroyed has now returned to avenge its defeat. The historical factors that set the stage for the modern conflict bear close examination. I believe the greatest factor of all may have been the way the Republic concluded the Great Hyperspace War.” — Master Jedi Archivist Gnost Dural.

For a thousand years, the Emperor and the Imperial people rebuilt the Sith Empire in secret on Dromund Kaas, a planet to which they fled following the injustices of the Great Hyperspace War. The Republic and Jedi Order committed war crimes at the end of the war by attempting to exterminate all life on Korriban. The Emperor, humans and the Sith species fled with their slaves and found refuge on the jungle planet of Dromund Kaas. There, under gray drizzly skies, the empire rebuilt.

The party will be high school age trainees pushed into war wearing bright new uniforms and having never fired a shot, school age Imperial citizens still in training for the Imperial army or navy, Imperial intelligence or to become Sith Lords. A cross-functional team is assembled for one goal: to aggressively capture artifacts, relics and ancient super weapons for the benefit of the war effort. Archeologists, logistics personnel, Imperial troopers, agents, weapon designers, Sith artisans and many other specialists are organized by the Imperial Reclamation Service to find and excavate a series of crypts, ancient temples, space leviathan ships and more — all behind enemy lines, including the front lines of war. The ultimate prizes? Knowledge from the treasures of Korriban’s Valley of the Dark Lords and the secrets of the Jedi Archives on Coruscant.