The convenience of carrying blasters

I was musing (again) on other GMs rulings/ideas/advice on the PCs ALWAYS carrying their weapons. I know that Tatooine is considered the Old West in style and I’ll allow the BH to walk around on any planet with their weapon unconcealed, sometimes fleecing them with a carrying permit from a corrupt official. I’m thinking very soon of letting the PCs jet off to the Corporate Sector… I assume that carrying weapons is a no-no just like the majority of Core to Expansion.

It seems too convenient for the PCs to carry weapons at all times… I suppose they could bribe someone, carry them off ship/out of the spaceport, then rack up the violations as they go meaning they’re wanted with Planetary Bounties…eventually increasing to a Sector Bounty for added Obligation, Or do I give the players more grief along the lines of weapon permits, using holdout (concealable) blasters which adds to the previous violations idea?

I want to try to run a fun game but also show the players that it’s not always in their favor.

If I choose the option of sticking to Tatooine, Hutt Space etc I also think the players are missing out on all the amazing and wonderful ((sh*t I can throw at them)) sights and sounds of the galaxy at large


You can always assign a “Law and Order” factor to worlds and cities. Say 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 or something. Keep track of the numbers in your GM journal for consistency’s sake.

On one end of the scale is loosey-goosey no law and the other end is strictest of the strictest.

If the PCs do any research on their destination before getting there, you can have this information be part of their findings. Of course, that data can always be old or just plain wrong

Then let the PCs risk what they want to risk.

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Same applies to how strict are the docking/landing procedures, whether they ensure your transponder matches your BoSS datapad, or whether they even check it.

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Just a further note, first weapons to go should be big encumbrance rifles, then all rifles, then heavy blasters, and finally light blasters. RAW mentions a few times that carrying “military weapons” are illegal most places. I presume that to cover heavy rifles.

LOL- reminds me last time one of my PC’s tried the line “You wouldn’t rob an old man of his [gaffi] stick, would you?” :smile:


I have limited weapons in my game multiple times and it makes it more challenging for some of the players. By default the world will have the on restriction is Restricted weapons like Disruption weapons. If the place they are going has limits beyond that I will warn them as they are landing there… Most of the time. The most common restriction is that people can carry only pistols, no range Heavy weapons are allow on the streets except by the law enforcement. In one place I limited them to only Melee weapons on a planet that just ended a failed revolution. That one was fun half the players kept trying to sneak their pistols around the place, since they had no melee or brawl skills.

Don’t do it all the time so the players don’t feel like they are being punished for picking Range Heavy weapons. But it is a great challenge to add to the story for players.