The High Republic, Phase II


I’ve always described the structure of the High Republic project as being parallel to the movies - each Phase being a “trilogy,” with each wave in the phase being a “movie.” (The books in each wave even all share a common “opening crawl,” making the parallel work better.)

Looks like they’re even borrowing the structure of the movie trilogies themselves. While I expected a time jump between Phases I and II, I expected a jump forward…but like the second trilogy to hit theaters were the prequels, Phase II will be jumping back 150 years before the start of Phase I.

Now, I just need to pick up Fallen Star this weekend after payday (I had no self control at a local game store’s post-Christmas sale :shushing_face: ) and get it read so I can get to work on a High Republic Phase I homebrew book.


I’m slowly catching up on phase I.

Porter Engle is one of the characters I quite like at this point, some of the others are getting better. The story is a bit … well, it’s no NJO to put it like that, which - depending on your point of view - is a good or a bad thing. For me, I think it is a ‘good thing’, but I’m not overly enthusiastic about some of the bits.

Granted, I listen only to audiobooks these days when it comes to fiction, as much of my work involves reading theory, philosophy, methods, research papers and reports, so getting absorbed by reading fiction isn’t as easy as it used to be, but audiobooks are great. Even if the Star Wars ones are a tad heavy on the sound effects and sometimes a bit too heavy on weird accents, voice modulation and sounds effects, so words to whole sentences are lost and garbled (perhaps my hearing is getting worse too?). So this colours my experience, and that singing part in The Rising Storm was … well… it was sung, by an adult male, pretending to be a children’s choir … jarring.

All this to say, I like what they’re doing with the hyperspace stuff, the Force stuff, the artefacts, the relative centre-periphery perspectives, and so on.

Looking forward to phase two, I think I should be done with most of the audiobooks by then - perhaps even gotten my hands on some of the comics.

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Not sure if you read the article in the link, but Porter’s getting a spotlight in Phase II.

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I did. So, this gives me more reason to catch up, so learn more about his exploits and - perhaps - how he earned his legendary reputation. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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