The Inquisition

Campaign Name: The Inquisition
System: EotE, FaD, AoR, Some Homebrew from SWRPG Community
Platform: Discord/RPG Sessions
Frequency: Weekly
Region: @ Americas (GMT -8)
Time: Monday 7pm PST
GM: Mikhail#6406
Player Slots: Two slots open.
Description: Twenty years after the Supreme Chancellor was discovered to be the Sith Lord, the Jedi Order now infamously dubbed as the “Fallen Order” leads an inquisition seeking out force users to prevent the growth and spread of the Dark side which seemingly lurks around every corner. Your job as a Jedi Knight/padawan is to hunt dissidents who would interfere in this task as charged by the Republic Senate.

(Information: Knight/Apprentice RP is encouraged. Mechanically, there wouldn’t be anything different between you as far as xp total goes.
NOTE In this setting, the Jedi have succumbed to fear of the dark side and are unknowing of how they have unwittingly turned. The intended RP is centered around “Ends justify the means.” and occasionally questioning yourself and the Jedi order (if at all.)

(This is an experiment as there’s another group who plays in this universe with opposing objectives. I want to see how this gets along and see if this style of RP can work. You would be volunteering for this experiment.)

Any questions or comments in the general sense may be asked in this page.