The Kushiban for Star Wars FFG series (Or Edge if you wanna get current)

Kushibans are often mistaken for pets or vermin, when in fact they are an intelligent race with a complex, peaceful society.


Kushibans have little need for tools or technology on their homeworld, where they manage to live in almost complete harmony with their natural environment. Although preyed upon by large predators, Kushibans typically use fire to keep them at bay. As herbivores, they do not need tools for hunting or preparing food. As they eat most of their food uncooked, they have little use for cooking utensils or similar items. When Kushibans need shelter from the elements, simple caves or tree hollows suffice. Consequently, Kushibans have little value to a spacefaring economy, and little desire to leave their homeworld.

Kushibans have a unique method of expressing their feelings: Their normally white fur changes color with their emotional state. This “Mood Fur” can go completely black when the creature is in deep despair.

Kushiban Characteristics

Personality: Kushibans are generous, gentle beings with a playful (Usually wry) sense of humor. However, they can be vindictive and downright vicious when angered or betrayed. They have a low tolerance for bullies, simpletons, and misanthropes.

Physical Description: Kushibans are 0.5-meter-long lagomorphic creatures with soft white fur, floppy ears, front paws that can be used as hands, small keen noses, and large, innocent-looking eyes. They can move as either quadrupeds or bipeds, though they must drop to all fours to Charge or Run.

Age Groups: Kushibans age at the following stages:

CHILD - 1-5 Years

YOUNG ADULT - 6-12 Years

ADULT - 13-59 Years

MIDDLE AGE - 60-84 Years

OLD - 85-109 Years

VENERABLE - 110+ Years

Homeworld: Kushibah, a lush and unindustrialized planet in The Outer Rim.

Languages: Kushibans speak, read, and write their native language of Kushiban. Those few that travel in the galaxy also typically learn Basic.

Example Names: Asani, Cerlyk, Etyk, Ikrit, Mabbik, Mirax, Pritsi, Sibble, Tieko, Widdimur.

Adventurers: Most Kushibans are content to remain on their homeworld. Only a few Kushiban Nobles, Scouts, and Jedi make prolonged trips across the galaxy.

Wound Threshold = 8+Brawn

Strain Threshold = 12+Will

Base Stats-

Brawn = 1

Agility = 4

Intellect = 3

Cunning = 2

Willpower = 1

Presence = 2

Racial talent-

Rapid Reactions: The character may suffer a number of strain to add an equal number of success results to any Vigilance or Cool check to determine Initiative order. The number may not exceed [their] ranks in Rapid Reaction.

Racial Feats-

Mood Sensitive Fur: Kushibans convey emotion through the color of their fur. Any creature familiar with this fact (Hard Xenology or Perception check or previous knowledge) gains a boost die on all Charm, Coercion, and Deception checks against Kushibans.

Keen Hearing: Kushibans add a Boost die to all hearing - dependent skill checks.

Small Creature: Kushibans have a silhouette of 0

Expert Jumper: Kushibans have rabbit like feet, that allow faster movement that what would be expected for their diminutive stature, when they use a manuever to move on their turn, they can move twice as far as normal, Additionally their feet can be used as capable weapons using Agility characteristic and Brawl skill;

Damage = +0

Crit = 4

Range = Engaged

Qualities = Disorient 2, Knockdown

Knockdown targets with 1 advantage (as opposed to 2) results.

Credit to Chellewalker (formally Star Wars Wikia user Lukewarner) for the base information