The SWRPG Cantina

I jump over the bar, grabbing a random bottle as I go, hunker down and neck it … I’m a drinker, not a fighter.

The Twi’lek continues to lean against the bar, sipping the Corellian Whiskey and ducking projectiles and bottles being thrown around the room.

“Can’t we all just…” He mutters as he hops up on the bar narrowly dodging two combatants going at it with wild fists. “Get along?..”


In and out of character is fine

This thread is really just a free for all anything-goes-as-long-as-its-fun kind of place.

It is what Cantinas are really


Sets up a IT HAS BEEN sign

Sign reads

It has been
1 day
10 hours
Since last bar fight,
Last Invasion,
Last Sith Tantrum
Sabbacc Game Tournament

Whose uip for a round of cards ?

The shady human dressed according to the latest fashion on the Imperial Center picks up a chair and sits down at the table. ,I’m in." His huttese isn’t flawless, but one to be sure, his accent is far from the Imperial contrary to one might have guessed.

In Catrhar the Cantina owner replies kindly with a “Welcome” and deals the cards out once chips are placed.

Now that brings up a new thought, how are credits calculated on this forum software ?

A well dressed Pantoran walks up to the table, places down a large pile of credits, “Is there an open seat?”

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The Gotal at the table gets beaned in the head by an airborne beer bottle and collapses to the floor, unconscious, freeing up his seat to the Pantoran.


Sees the game has hit a stall out ?

I havent figured out how to deal cards here…

The charming Twi’lek sits down at the table, placing a neat stack of credits down. His drink unspilled and clothes unspoiled. He smiles warmly and takes a sip.

“All in…”

“You didn’t even look at your cards.” - states the human. “That’s going to be a fine appetizer for the evening.” - and he leans back content in his hand. “I call”

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The Cathar looks at her cards. “I call” Freezes a zero at the next turn to do so