The SWRPG Cantina

Hey folks, this cantina is now open for business! This is really just a place to hangout and chat about most if not all topics {if this is not alowed, P-47 can give me some blowback from the engine wash zone}

Talkie Toaster™ on standby

“Would anyone like any toast ?”


So… basically an off-topic topic where rabbit trails are not only encouraged, but mandatory, and Star Wars is on the table, on the menu, and scattered around in other miscellaneous places? Sounds intriguing.

Well, it IS a cantina, what type of cantina is anyones guess {Death Star, Rishi, Tatooine, Alderaan, space station, ship mess hall, whatever really}

I guess now a days Alderaan and a space station are one in the same?

A green skinned Twi’lek walks into the room and towards the bar, stifling a cough and waving his hand through the wispy trails of smoke that hang in the air.

“Barkeep!” He says with a raised voice and a wide devilish smile as he leans against the surface. “Your finest Corellian whiskey! And a round for the room!”

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I (as my PC) walk up to the bar, quaff the free brandy - thank you very much - and ask for a ‘Foaming Surprise’ and neck it back… I slam the glass down and ask for a ‘Gentleman’s Reputation’

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OK, has this become the “name a Star Wars drink” topic?

A dusty protocol droid walks into the cantina, his joints creaking and popping as he moves, and intones in a low voice, “No alcohol needed; which way to the oil baths?”


“Second door on the left” Comes the very drunk reply from a bruistle brushed Cathar after getting spooked awake.

“Whoa hello!” Comes the startled Catharese reply as the barkeep, a drunk Cathar lady, was using the bar as a bed, falls off it “i’m UP!”

A nod “Ah. Yes, Corellian wisky…” She gets the Twi’Lek his desired drink, and leaves the bottle with the shot glass.

Her eyes go wide at his offer “Round for the room, Why thanks!” She downs a Huttese Hangover with a Jawa Ion Blaster chaser and psses out behind the bar

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So, what are our thoughts on this dude promoting his rock band here, who just released their debut album? (I.e., can I post a Spotify link to my album, here?)

I’d be happy to call it the SWRPG Cantina house band if that makes it more acceptable :wink:

No probs if that won’t fly :slight_smile:

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It might provide a good distraction for the squad of stormtroopers who just kicked down the door…


All right’y, then, I’ll go right ahead and interpret that as a “yes”! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, my band, Leper Messiah *, released our debut album, FELL CREATURES, last weekend, and we’re really proud of how it came out. It would be lovely if y’all would check it out and offer some feedback. (Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to turn all this into one big Angelman-egotrip discussion!)

Thank you for taking the time :smiley:

*Before you ask, no we’re not named after that Metallica’s song and we sound nothing like them. Our name comes from an older song by David Bowie.

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The green trandoshan is back from the bar wih his drink and eagerly jumps to his feet when sees the troopers. He laughes out loud and yells in the room: Finally! Let’ss get thiss party sstarted!
He drinks the shot, smashes the glass on the floor and sucker punches the nearest trooper!

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From behind the bar a slurred voice of a Cathar Jedi Battlemaster who is rather drunk 100% of the time is heard “You’re hired!”

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The drunken Bith musician hurls a bottle at the new hire, but it whizzes past his ear and smacks the Trandoshan in the head.

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As the bar brawl goes on, a short Nosaurian crawls around searching through the pockets of the unconscious for credits and valuables.

(Ok. I totally didn’t get that this was a roleplaying thread. Sorry about the out-of-character posting. Or perhaps my character’s schtick is to be out of character? :thinking: Thank y’all for all your support and feedback :grinning: )

The Wookiee stops punching a Corellian long enough to turn and say. “This thread is basically for anything the-” *bottle smashes in the background* “participants decide it-” *blaster fire signifies the situation getting worse* “ought to be at any given-” *someone throws a grenade* "time."
He then returns to pummeling the Corellian.

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The Trandoshan falls with a giant thud, mostly from the 5th shot taking effect than the glass broken on his scaly head.
Thr band, given the cue starts a fast paced dura-jizz song, the low-pitched voice of the Stormtroopers’ stun blasters giving them an otherworldly background.

Well, it kinda happened, don’t worry :D The officer soon makes order out of the chaos!

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