[Theory Crafting] Q#1: Sith Resources

(Non-canon open ended conversation, feel free to draw inspiration from Disney Canon, Legends Lore, SW References books/guides, games, FFG & WEG SW RPGs, Rule of Cool ™…)

TC Q#1: What resources did Darth Sidious have access to after he killed his master Darth Plagueis in 32 BBY, in addition to anything he was able to research/locate up to 22 BBY?

Design Goal: Determine what resources (money, information/knowledge, lands/territory, buildings/structures, contacts, Sith war assets, Alchemy/Medical Labs, artifacts…) that Senator Palpatine could make use of from the time he killed his master, until a few years before the start of the Clone Wars. Based on this information, create alternate scenarios for the “Sith Grand Plan”, incorporate elements of the previous Sith Empire, eliminate the Rule of Two so as to allow for new Sith Cultists and Warriors, add Xenosith into the mix, and basically add more “Sith Stuff” into the campaign.

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