[Theory Crafting] Q#2: Plot Armor

(Non-canon open ended conversation, feel free to draw inspiration from Disney Canon, Legends Lore, SW References books/guides, games, FFG & WEG SW RPGs, Rule of Cool ™…)

TC Q#2: What additional main characters do you believe only survived in the movies and tv shows due to “plot armor” during the years 40 BYY- 22 BBY? Plot armor in this case being a narrative way for an author/director to keep main characters of a story alive when otherwise it doesn’t make “in universe” or “realistic” sense that they should have otherwise survived an overwhelmingly dangerous encounter, enemy, natural disaster, disease, or environmental hazard.

Star Wars Without PLOT ARMOR covers the following main characters, and explains situation(s) where it is clear that “plot armor” is the only way they would have survived an otherwise fatal encounter.

-Luke Skywalker

-Princess Lea

-Han Solo

-Obi Wan Kenobi

-Anakin Skywalker

-Jar Jar Binks (Sith Lord)

-Padame Amidala



Design Goal: Consider how to craft my campaign with the least amount of plot armor possible, so as to allow creative freedom and drive home the “actions have consequences” feel I would like to establish for the campaign. That said, I will extend “limited plot armor” for Count Dooku, Obi-Wan, and Anakin until 22 BBY for story reasons; as of now everyone else is fair game. ;)

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