TODAY - Q&A with Keith Kappel, writer for SWRPG

Hey friends! In addition to the ongoing SWRPG One-Page Adventure Contest found here: Star Wars RPG One-Page Adventure Jam: The Unknown Regions -, the SWRPG Community Discord also has a fantastic upcoming event to share:

Star Wars RPG Writing: A Q&A with Keith Kappel

Friday, June 25th at 6pm EST!

A contributor and writer across the Star Wars RPG by FFG, including all factions and iconic NPCs in Rise of the Separatists, the entirety of Friends Like These AoR adventure, and much, much more - join us in a Q&A to ask Keith Kappel questions about the process of creating official Star Wars RPG content.

To register, react to the Discord message here: Discord

Keith Kappel has worked on a lot of SWRPG, including:

Edge of the Empire: 2        

Suns of Fortune (Centerpoint Station, Misc Planets, Corellian Shuffle and Conical 6 Summit Modular Encounters)
Far Horizons: (Character backgrounds and motivations, homestead rules, sample adventures and encounters)

Age of Rebellion: 5

Stay on Target (Species, motivations, backgrounds)
AOR GM Kit (Dead in the Water adventure, squad and squadron rules)
Strongholds of Resistance (Mon Cala, Chandrila, Kinyen, Sullust, Ord Gimmel, Independence)
Friends Like These (Entire Module with Ryan Brooks)
Forged in Battle (Equipment)

Force and Destiny: 4

Core Rulebook  (Chapter X The Galaxy lore info)
Nexus of Power (Tython, Empress Teta, Ossus and Force Nexus rules)
Disciples of Harmony (Mentor section)
Knights of Fate (Various GM advice in chapter 3) 

Other: 5

Allies and Adversaries (Scoundrels and bounty hunters chapter)
Gadgets and Gear (Weapons, iconic items/weapons, and armor attachments)
Dawn of Rebellion (New species, various planets)
Rise of the Separatists (all the factions and iconic NPCs, Phalanx Rules)
Collapse of the Republic (all the factions and iconic NPCs)