Tracking a business in the game

I am playing a hutt business person. Are there any sheets to keep track of it or should I just use the Age of Rebellion base sheet?

The EoE Far Horizons book had business building information. Not sure if this what you’re looking for.

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Well, it’s hard to answer. Beyond referring you to Far Horizons (I have not read the book myself), I can’t say much without more knowledge of your situation. What kind of business? How in-depth are you going? Like are you actually responsible for tracking the business day-to-day, or is it effectively just a credit generator?

I am looking for something like a vehicle sheet but for a business. The best that I have found so far is just a base of operations sheet. I am looking to do a basic write up of it. What it looks like, what is sells, what options did I take for group obligations attached and so on.

I’ll think about it and get back to you. Likely, the base sheet is what you need. If it isn’t sufficient, we might come up with something outside of official forms. For example, I’m running a sandbox rebel uprising game and have custom templates for rebel cells and what-not.

I made the shop a curio shop. So it has all sorts of odds and ends, from unusual weapons to stuffed animals and armor shells on display. It of course has a staple of exotic candies that it sells.

Mechanical speaking it generates each PC 100 credits a month and gives group obligations.

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I gave it some thought, I think the base sheet will work fine for you.

Basically, you’ll need a way to account for:

  • The building (base of operations/location/description)
  • Miscellaneous assets (group possessions)
  • Income (put them under “Motivations”)
  • Obligations (put them under “Obligations”)
  • Employees (if any) (group resources)
  • Business contacts (contacts)

I have been using oggdude’s character generator. And playing around with the GM tools and found that it can print a sheet for the business.

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Is there a way you can show us an example of it?

Under the GM tools is groups. You can attach characters and get their duties, obligations and morality all listed together, you can attach group assets like ships, bases and businesses. It will list out the options for said assets. The business bases obligations for improvements are included. They attach to the base and not the character sheets so that the group obligations do not over lap. When you go to print the group sheet it can also print sheets on the group assets.

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