Trandoshan Talk

Trandoshans can regenerate. Trandoshans can even regrow lost limbs.

Does Trandoshan physiology reject cybernetics? What happens if a Trando replaces a lost limb with a cyberlimb? Or an eyeball?

Maybe Trandos disdain cybernetics?

I don’t think Trandos can regenerate organs, though, so eyes would be fine (I think we’ve even seen a Trandoshan with an eyepatch?).

As for limbs, I’m sure there’s a way to make limbs not regenerate, but in all likelihood Trandoshans just don’t bother. Why spend a few thousand credits when you can just wait a month?

Now, depending on said Trandoshan’s occupation, it might be wiser/more economical to get a cybernetic, but then they’d have to do something to stop their arm from growing back, and… well then we’re back to the first problem.

I guess it all comes down to how Trandoshans regenerate, and I don’t know enough about lizard regeneration to speak to that, beyond saying that they can’t regenerate everything. If you cut past the “root” of the arm and attach a cybernetic (say, replacing virtually their entire shoulder, which doesn’t seem uncommon for cyber-arms), voila: no regeneration.

Real-life humans need to take immune system suppressants whenever they get a donor organ or limb, so I imagine a Trandoshan would have to take something similar in order to keep a cybernetic.