TTS - Beyond the Rim ACT 1 - The Wheel map

Updated my map collection with The Wheel from ACT I of Beyond the Rim.

FEATURES: The Wheel has 3 different districts.

THE BROWN’S is the seedy side; with a casino, cantina, an open marketplace, a security outpost and even a HUTT in residence. Their are apartments that the PC’s can rent, and offices to lease. Their is a customs warehouse (a heist job?).

THE PLAZA is for the hob knobing tourists. It has a restaurant, casino with a private high stakes table,shops, hotel and a large apartment the PC’s can rent.

THE MERCHANT DISTRICT has offices the PC’s can rent, the Yiyar Salvage Company hangar and iSOTECH offices. I chose to make iSOTECH very upscale. If you’d rather they be more like in Beyond the Rim, you can relocate them to one of THE BROWN’S offices.

Approaching The Wheel

The Wheel interior.

Hangar Control and Customs Warehouse (for a heist job?)

Closeup of The Brown’s.

Jokol’s Casino with, yup, off-track betting for Tauntaun racing.

Closeup of The Plaza District

Upscale casino with a private high stakes room

The Merchant Concourse with an upscale version of iSOTECH, and office space that the pc’s can lease.

Yiyar Salvage, Sales and Auctions hangar bay

Another ext view. The orange spec is the same Krayt Dragon from the first shot. You can see how big The Wheel is.

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