Hey all- got a new group going through Escape from Mos Shutta. We had begun on Roll20 but I found Tabletop Simulator far superior. This is what’s possible:

The adventure begins in the Mos Shutta Cantina:

Apologies, but as a new user I am only allowed one imbedded image per post. This is 1 of 7.


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Than off into Mos Shutta (this was my first creation. I used someone else’s elevated Mos Shutta map, and part of the layout from another posters on TTS. But I did have to build it from the ground up in order to use a TTS mod called One World. It ties it all together):

The map is large, but you can zoom in real close to the locations. So the firefight with the Stormtroopers can be played out on this map.


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Now to Unlock the Krayt Dragon:


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After dealing with Trex, the Krayt Dragon is stolen:


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And the finale, fending off the Tie Fighters:


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The PC’s area:

The grey boxes is only visible to the GM:


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Any questions on using TTS I’ll try to answer. But for me, going from Roll20’s flat 2-D maps to this…I can’t go back.

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I’ve continued into the Long Arm of the Hutt…here’s a sneak peek:


First of all, welcome here!
Secondly… Wow! This is amazing work!


Seconded! Welcome and nice job!

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Indeed! Very nice. Our group also uses TTS. I stopped using 3D maps though as it became too time intensive for me. So I throw them together on DungeonDraft now.

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Got any samples to post? Their website looks heavily fantasy-based. Lotsa plants and wood.

I did a couple of deckplans in Dungeondraft. I posted the Darvro-class here (on this site) a couple of months ago, and I’ve got my own take on the G9-Rigger too. They’re pretty rough because I haven’t spent a lot of time on them, but it should show that Dungeondraft can do the sci-fi setting justice with the right asset packs.

Asset Packs
This one by Zalkenai is specifically for Star Wars and has lots of good stuff.
Zalkenai also did this more general sci-fi one which is handy to have.
The full version of this one by Gnome Factory is Patreon only, but there is also a free sampler.
Whilst looking for these I’ve also discovered that there are lots more sci fi asset packs posted now and I’m heading down that rabbit-hole right now!

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I’ve added these resources to here: Maps & Deck Plans

Great suggestions!!!

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I started with Dungeondraft, but this is so immersive. Also I’ve found, like anything else, the more I do it the faster I get (knowing where the asset is I need and how to manipulate it).

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This is amazing work. I used TTS for WH3rd edition (Also from FFG) and for Star Wars as well. For D&D we use Roll20 because of the ruleset, but TTS is so much better than roll20.
Have you uploaded these to the workshop?
What StarWars table you decided to use, I found multiple and I think the one we been using is different than the one you use.

I started with this one:

But than heavily modified it to suit my needs. Using 3D maps, I had to get closer to the action.

Will you be sharing your table and your maps with the mortals? Please!

I would really like too, but I’m not sure how…

I’ll figure it out, but if anyone knows that would be great.

I can help you. I have my own modules and uploaded the latest table for WFRP3E from FFG.
It is a very easy process but it also depends on how you want to share each thing. Maybe each map as a separate module?
You can find me in Discord guver#6912