TTS - Force&Destiny Mountaintop Rescue 3D maps

Hey all-

While I am using the locations but changing the story, here are TTS 3D maps from the Force and Destiny beginner’s game Mountaintop Rescue.


The Valley

The Valley closeup for The Ruins

The Ruins battlemap

The Valley closeup for The Bridge (there is a cave entrance and path behind the waterfall

The Bridge battlemap

Behind those hills is the cave system for The Bridge

The Village

The Valley closeup of The Jedi Temple

The Jedi Temple Battlemap


The Hidden Archives

A Jedi Tomb

I think I need to figure out how to export these to TTS for the One World mod.

hey man. I have done some experiments with One World, maybe I can help you also with that.
These maps look amazing, my players will be so happy with these once we move into this campaign!!!
Do you use Fog of War? How do your players like it in TTS?

Here it is.