TTS-The Long Arm of the Hutt 3D Maps

Back again with my full suite of The Long Arm of the Hutt 3D maps made for Tabletop Simulator using the One World Mod.

The PC’s explore their ill-gotten ship to discover a messy gallery…

A prisoner…

…and an injured Trex stalking the PC’s through the ship.

Trex was injured and ran up the ramp… than between the security droids, tie fighters, it took a little bit before the pc’s could focus on Trex.

Thweek welcomes the Krayt Dragon to Ryloth.

To a part of Nabat (after creating the full Mos Shutta, I think it might be easy to create the portions of the city that I need).

Than the PC’s go below ground to meet Nyn at her apartment.

On the way to New Meen, ambush at Old Lylek’s Den.

Whats interesting here is that these ‘locked’ rocks are haphazardly piled up. With the fog of war, the pc’s will see the pile, but not the lylek beyond. With a push of a sound effect (rancor roar), and me selecting the rock pile and than unchecking the “locked” tag, those rocks will fall all over the place providing a dramatic entrance for the Lylek.

Its raining as the pc’s arrive at New Meen.

Later that night, the pc’s are awoken by a crash and an angry mob.

Drombb’s wo/men are drunk and rowdy.

The PC’s decide to pay Drombb a visit.

with the rain gone, the hot Ryloth sun has turned the mud to sand. Add in a fierce win, and the pc’s are fighting in a sandstorm.

After dealing with Drombb, the PC’s are talked into some subterfuge work on Geonosis, attending Duke Piddock’s party.

Than off to his rival, Duke Dimmock’s Throne Room.

Someone has a neat heatwave effect which you can see though the arches.

Off to Gantry AA7 where the PC’s, not content with stealing one ship, decide to smuggle upon another.

One of the advantages of the 3D maps is that you can add that 3 dimensional layer of tactics for the PC’s.

Back to Mos Shuuta, their sights set on Teemo’s palace…

Teemo’s enjoying an arena fight…which is about to get disrupted.

Where will the PC’s go next?


How much time do you spend per map? Seems like a lot of work.

Aside: my PCs decided not to face Teemo and just steal intel and give it to Anatta. Have to figure how to dramatically end it.

I spend about 2 evenings per map. Watching a movie in the background. But again, I find myself going faster and faster. I spend ALOT less time looking for assets in the workshop, because I’ve slowly curated a bunch. I spend less time searching for the assets on hand, because before I even start I know what and how to do something. One of the hosts for this site, Marlow, has an excellent curated Asset Bundle you can download on Steams workshop. I’ve slowly added to the bags to fit my needs.

My in-game asset side table:

That last shot above, the stadium seating above the arena pit? That was a few hours work to figure out HOW to do it. Those are all half moon curves that I had to really warp to get it to look as natural as it does. But now that I’ve done it, it’ll be quicker next time. Plus, you can copy-paste built set pieces from one map to another. So the next arena pit I make, I can just grab this and change the assets. Like changing the color of the stadium seating to a light green. Than evening out the seating part so its just flat ground. Add some grass assets, bushes, trees…now I’ll have an outdoor forest pit trap.

I just made this last night…

I started with the base map of The Valley from the Force and Destiny beginner game. Having a base map definitely speeds things up.

And wrapped the night up with this:

The water and water falls are all animated.

On the bottom right you can see I’ve started making the paths. I’ll be finishing that tonight, plus adding the trees for the forests. As for the encounter locations, I’ll be building those on seperate maps. When I’m done, I’ll copy-paste-shrink them to fit on this map.

It definitely helps that I enjoy doing it. Its like a problem solving puzzle, but relaxing. In the same way that Marlowe (the aforementioned co-host) enjoys expanding upon his miniature creator project (have you seen it? Create your own mini’s by kit bashing different bodies, heads, weapons, helmets, all within Tabletop Simulator. He makes no money, could easily just do it for his own group, but has decided to share the work, wow)…sorry, where was I going with this? Oh, yeah. I’ve always enjoyed this type of stuff. I like making the maps. If you don’t, you won’t.


Amazing work!!! Also, can you share a link to this miniature building workshop mod?

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As requested.