TTS- The Storm's Edge 3D Maps

The Storm’s Edge (fan module, Daniel Kaufman)

*The Jundland Wastes+Sail Barge - This make requires explanation. The map of the wastes has the storm on one end and the Sail Barge on the other, heading towards it. The Sail Barge piece on the map is meant as a timer of sorts. The GM should move it slowly towards the storm. The giant Sail Barge is for the action up top, while the interior is meant for the action from within.
The reason I made the 3 sections as one is because the pc’s may find themselves split up. Some may be on the speeder bikes trying to get aboard. Others may be on the top deck, still others down below. Having to pack and build between the 3 environments would slow the action down.

Shoutout to Yodax who created the Jundland Wastes Map.