Under Fire, a one-shot Sullust adventure module

When a player in my Star Wars game expressed interest in an adventure set on a volcanic world, Sullust was a natural choice. I had really enjoyed a piece of Rebels fanfic set there, and the adventure part of it seemed a good way for my group of PCs to interact with a novel environment. With the author’s permission, I have adapted “First Flight” by Shannon Philips into a one-shot adventure module entitled Under Fire . (“First Flight” takes place just after the canon novel A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller.)

You can find my module here: Star Wars: Under Fire, a Sullust adventure – Dicey Stories

We played it with 4 PCs who each had about 500 XP at that point in time, but they were a group who diversified a lot, so I’m confident the adventure could work with lower-powered characters.