Universal Specialization Discussions

I was looking at the Universal Specializations and wondering what’s the consensus on them. I was looking at the Shipwright paired with Ship Captain specialization. Anyone have good combinations they used and liked?

I like the really out there ones as a good way to show character growth, interesting extra facets, or even wild left turns in their development. As opposed to just what you get out of them mechanically.

2 examples in our group:

Our Bounty Hunter in the group, who was ship wrecked on a dessert moon as part of her backstory, wrote a huge (and I mean over a dozen word docs) multi part expansion of that background, over several months of playing, in which the last handful of survivors from an abandoned Clone Regiment helped her survive, rehabilitate, and get off world. When it came time to add a 3rd tree, she picked up Retired Clone Trooper, to represent everything she learned from them while there.

My Hired Gun, Body Gaurd/Enforcer, was just directionless anger, drifting along in life. A Zabrak brought up without any knowledge of her people’s ways, after a crisis of confidence (I fridged her when I stepped back behind the screen, then we played out her resulting existential crisis in our downtime pbp sessions), she went on a voyage of self discovery. I was originally going to take Marauder as her 3rd tree, but following her sojourn have now taken Force Adherant, to represent her new Zen outlook. “I am one with my rage, and my rage is with me.”


I’ve yet to use one as a player, even though I’ve created a backup PC that is starting with the Padawan Survivor spec (Bounty Hunter: Survivalist/Padawan Survivor). Ithorian that survived Order 66. Luckily, Ithorian were at that sweet-spot starting XP that I couldn’t take any extra characteristic boosts, so picking up the spec was just enough to use the rest of my XP.

If I am able to keep playing for a few years down the road, I was interested in an all Nightsister game, to stack up the Coven talent.

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