Unleash Force Power

Ok, next question.

A Force User of my group aquired the Force Power Unleash.
The power description say:
The user makes an unleash power check and rolls an average Discipline check.
If check succeeds and force points are generated, the attack hits. It has a range of short.

My questions now.
Though the initial range is short, the user can invest xp in Range to increase. There are 3 Range steps so in theory the range can enhanced to extreme?
Furthermore, the Discipline skill check stays on average difficulty?

Last question, does personal defense (armor/talents) helps to prevent the attack to be hit? Do talents like Dodge and Sidestep upgrade the difficulty?

Remember to always read the full text!

You roll a Ranged attack as part of the pool, rolling Discipline for the attack’s skill with a difficulty of Average instead of the standard difficulty (so yes, it stays Average). Worth noting that if it were to adjust based on range, you now have TWO requirements to reach that range, rather than just one.

But Dodge and Side Step would apply, as would Ranged Defense and presumably talents that key off of Ranged attacks (but NOT Ranged [Light/Heavy] checks).

Were I writing the talent, I would not have classified it as a Ranged attack, thus eliminating the ability for Reflect, Dodge, Side Step, Ranged Defense, etc., maybe adding a reactive “Tutaminis” power, instead of one you have to activate on your turn. However, that is not how it is written.

Thanks for your fast response and thanks for clarifying.
I did read the full text but found it hard to believe that it´s always an average check, regardless the distance, however, if the force is with you…

How did Kenobi parried/absorbed Dookus unleash attack in attack of the clones?
In game mechanic?

Kenobi may have ranks in defence and even Adversary if he is an NPC, so Dooku’s check would have been tough to begin with, meaning he probably wouldnt succeed or if he did, the damage would not be so high.

The damage left over would be negated by Kenobi’s Reflect Talent + Soak

Narratively described as complete reflection/absorption of the attack.

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Movies show Reflect being used against Unleash in the movies, so likely why they made it a ranged attack.

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Yes, but it’s also heavily implied that it takes special training (see Anakin failing to block Dooku’s lightning), likely more along the lines of a countering Force power than simple saber skills (which Anakin had in abundance).

Yes, he could technically Reflect it as @Cloudy said. However, I believe it would be linked to a countering Force power since as I previously stated, Anakin didn’t Reflect Dooku’s lightning in AotC (though he could later in the Clone Wars).

Perhaps you can just argue that he hadn’t been trained to counter Force lightning, but then he could or whatever, but I find that explanation somewhat underwhelming.

I would be inclined to treat Force lightning as basically ignoring defenses (except Soak) except Force-y defenses like Suppress, Protect, etc.

However, for my games, I would run it as per RAW. That’s just my two cents on the general design.

Edit: I’m a dummy! Of course Reflect can’t be used. As I said earlier, talents that key off of specific skills (Ranged [Light/Heavy], Gunnery) wouldn’t apply.
So yeah, Suppress or Protect, not Reflect. Lightsaber is just the “tool” or narrative flair.

Just saw the long text for Reflect. That’s lame. I would think Suppress would be easier to manage. You can commit dice for that and add a bunch of auto-failures for the opponent.

EDIT: Yikes, just read up on it and Suppress can only dish out 3 failures… likely no good against the Unleash from a high Force Rating nemesis.

I understand all the drawbacks and stuff, but at worst, that’s basically +3 Soak, and Unleash isn’t that strong to begin with.

But I think you’re underselling its potential to cause attacks to fail. With Average difficulty, Ranged Defense 2, and 3 Failure, you’ll average ~4.6 Failure per roll. To contrast, a YYYYY Discipline pool only has an average of ~4 Success.

A Hard difficulty check only averages 1.5 Failure. 3 guaranteed Failure is pretty strong.

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I believe that would have been a mistake.
Though we haven’t seen force lightning miss in media, but Reflect and Improved Reflect are 2 things I’d definitely want to be able to do with a jedi
Edit: I should really read through all the comments before replying