Unmatched Courage (Soldier Signature) Clarification

didn’t think I needed another Rules-Clarification so soon but my Players seem to be in a very inquisitive mood this evening.

So here is my question:

  1. Is it correct that the Unmatched Courage Signature Ability can ignore the effect of the 151+ “Death” Critical Injury?
  2. If 1. is correct; Does that also mean the “Too tough to die” Upgrade can remove said 151+ “Death” Critical Injury?

I would interpret the RAW as yes on both accounts but I’m a bit unsure.

I’d be grateful for any Insights =)

Yes on both counts.
It’s an out-of-turn incidental, and so can be presumed to allow the activation of the ability before the effect of a given critical injury is applied, though this is open to interpretation and a GM could rule that it does not since it does not state explicitly that it can.
“Death” is a critical injury, so if you’re ignoring the effects you’re ignoring the crit. And then since there is no difficulty limitation on Too Tough to Die, there is no reason why it would not apply as well.
To further read into intent, they literally named an upgrade “Too Tough to Die,” so I think they intended the PC(s) in question to be able to cheat death.

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Thanks for the response =)
If thats the case, everythings fine.

Wanted to make sure I didnt miss anything important there ^^

Thanks again :)