URGENT - good quick 1 shot needed


I may have accidentally volunteered to GM a 1 shot at my FLGS for free RPG day. (This weekend, 15th/16th October)

Do any of you fine folk have a good quick 1 shot adventure I can pinch.

Gotta be able to run it in under 2 hours, be beginner friendly, and preferably with the EotE Beginner game PCs, as their sheets will really help with the noobs.

Unfortunately, beyond the beginner game and its expansion, I don’t really have any recommendations for you.
The adventure books are probably too long for you, you’d have to trim them down.

If you look in the compiled resources thread, there are some one-shots listed.

Cheers anyway dude. Reckon I might just trim down the intro I wrote for my own campaigb a couple of years ago.

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