VTT - Roll 20 help and guidance

Hi all,

First post here although I occasionally posted on the old forums back when.

I’m setting up a new game online using Roll20 and wondered if any of you had any resource recommendations, macros, api (I’m a pro-user) etc.

Glad to find the site :+1:

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There is an FFG API already (well two of them), but I’ve been told it’s only for subscribers to use (I had no way of knowing, since I have a subscription).

This is how I layout locations for my game. I have a map for each planet, and cycle through location art grabbed from image searches. Helps players remember where they are, but still keeps it narrative in spirit.


Yeah I have the two standard API, I wondered if anyone was using any others. Love the planet layout, I’ll have to steal that, looks far more effective than the single locale shot I was looking at.

Be my guest. If it catches on, I’ll consider it my contribution to the community since I am bad at the maths and would never figure out the dice percentages.

I got the Star Wars font by using this website.

Here is the star map. You can find the planets on the Legends tab of the Wookiepedia page, usually.

My players are hugely visual, this will definitely help set the mood.