Walkers stepping on targets

Hiya folks! Understand that using a walker to try to step on targets would likely use ramming (SoT) - piloting check - which in turn uses Gain the Advantage table 7-2 (CRB)… for difficulty. The question is how to compare walker speed 1 with speed of humanoids on the ground. Logically, i would rule a hard difficulty as the walker speed is likely at least one degree slower than running or dodging humanoids. Just curious about all of you would rule it. Thanks!

I don’t know the rules in SoT, but the Gain the Advantage action seems a bit off for me.
I’d rather rule it as an opposed Piloting vs Coordination/Athletics check if the vehicle is in maneuver range of the target.

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I would not use the ramming rules since it’s vehicle vs. squishy rather than slamming two vehicles together.
I’d rule that only sil 2 walkers are able to attempt it, as larger walkers are too clumsy and imprecise. Anybody who’s paying even a small amount of attention should be able to dodge.

I’d put it at Hard difficulty (speed 1) or Average difficulty (speed 2+), and damage at sil*10. So if you stop a group of B1s with an AT-RT, you’re looking at 20 damage.
If it’s a PC or NPC who would get a chance to oppose a Force check, I’d oppose it with Athletics/Coordination as Rimsen said (adding a Boost if going speed 2+).


Flip a Dark Side Destiny Point, then hand the player a blank PC sheet just to see the look of shock/surprise etc on their face :rofl: then flip it back, take the sheet off them saying “Only joking”

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Personally, I would just use Triumph (for PC checks on operating the walker) and Despair (for PC & NPC checks to avoid the walker) for this. And, to be honest, I would probably not used it against PCs at all unless I knew they had a dramatic way to escape being stepped on up their sleeve (or I’d just let them flip a White Destiny to get out of the situation). Something like that.

So, you’re PC crew have highjacked and AT-AT? Great! The driver gets to squash a baddie with every Triumph they roll on their Piloting check! (If it was a huge battle, I might even let them squash a minion for every 2 Advantages, and a 5-dude group for a Triumph, but that would get really silly if you let them repeat that round after round; that would be more appropriate for a one-time check for the entire encounter)

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You just handed me my next one shot on a plate.
“Grand Theft Walker”


Yeah, good idea. Opposed piloting checks w/ mods for speed vs silhouette, handling etc.

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I agree that anyone who’s paying even the smallest amount of attention (and is mobile) should be able to dodge the larger walkers.

However, even if one dodges the feet of the larger walkers, how about some sort of stunning effect in a certain radius if one’s too close to the feet when they come down? (I would imagine that it feels like being caught on the edges of an explosion, simply due to the ground shaking and possibly the noise too.)


That’s an interesting idea, but I’d still say no. We see storm/clone troopers walking as close as is safe to walkers in various media (I’m thinking particularly of Rogue 1 or various shots in Clone Wars) with no perceived ill effects.

I think any ill effects would be more narrative in nature, and up to Threat/Advantage or PC narration.

Particularly because it’s a moving target, so if you want to do that now you’ve got to plot out who it gets close enough to to effect etc. and it becomes complicated and, in my opinion, unnecessary bookkeeping.

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It’s probably worth taking a couple Strain getting out from under it just in the nick of time. It would sure stress me out!