What Happened to the FFG Forums?

Hello everyone, I was wondering what happened to the official FFG forums? I understand that they were shut down, but why did it happen, they were pretty active from what I remember.

Back in early-mid 2018, I was punished by my parents, as 15-year-olds are, and forced off the forums, and then to be honest I mostly forgot about the forums. Recently I decided to look it up and managed to make my way here, though I was immediately sidetracked with some rather important stuff IRL. I saw the archive and it’s been a total nostalgia trip seeing old usernames that I recognize and remembering my time on there and in the sphere of the ffg forums(I remembered beggingforXP saying that they would stop updating their talent/force power sheets vividly) if anyone wants to know/remembers me I was SHADOWGUARD CHAMPION on there. Who all made the transition from there to here? Of all the forums made in the wake of the official ones shutting down, this one seems the most active, Fire across the galaxy and the mySWRPG forums are the other ones I looked at.


FFG dropped all of their forums, even for games they still produce. Community sites for all sorts of games are dying off all over for various reasons. There are several possible reasons that FFG choose to do what it did, but they never really gave details for why they made their decision, and in the end, it doesn’t really matter all that much.

Nothing catastrophic or scandalous, just that FFG decided they didn’t want the forums any more. Add on to that that they were already restructuring anyway, with the RPGs going over to Edge Studios, and they probably just decided that it was a good time to drop it.

Why did beggingforXP stop updating them? I always wondered about that.

As for specifics of who moved over, Ni Fang, the… prophet lady whose name escapes me, Sturn, Rimsen, me (but I’m pretty sure I came after you left), Happy Daze, MrFlint, Grey Matter, CloudyLemonade92 (I think he came later as well), Wolf Rider, MarlowK, MandaloreoftheRings, RLogue117, Rogue_09, Angleman2, Nytwyng (though he isn’t actively posting), and I am probably missing a few.
No idea how many of those people you know.


Happy, nice to see you. I guess you’re right and it doesn’t matter but it’s still sad. Looking around none of the replacements seem as active as the original forum.

I recognize a fair few of those names Thunderbolt and I do believe you’re right that you were after my time, sad to see that some others didn’t make it, 2P51, WhaFrog, Daelgan, the_Dearth, Kaesoe, LibrarianNPC, RichardBuxton, Jeregyte, Marcy, DonoMorningfire, awayputurwpn, mouthymerc, and Desselosk, all come to mind. Are you talking about Absol for the prophet lady? Are Tramp Graphics and Elias Windrider feuding here now? Or did that die with the forums/before the death of the forums? Actually, is Tramp here at all? I always admired his ability to sow chaos and derail entire threads.

As for why BeggingforXP stopped getting updates, the creator(DoctheWeasel I believe) moved on to another game.

Jegergryte is here under a different name (that escapes me at the moment), I think RichardBuxton might be here, I can’t remember for sure, I believe none of the others are here (but could be wrong), and yes I was talking about Absol. I think a couple of the names you mentioned were inactive on the other forum before it went kaput.

Tramp and Elias are not on this forum, or at least are not posting. Elias is busy with a new kid though, so it’s not too surprising on that end. But the forum went to the grave with Elias and Tramp boxing over some nonsense, bringing up dirty laundry from their past and arguing over it. Par for the course. *rolls eyes*

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Doesn’t surprise me, it’s been a long time. Glad to hear some of them are still around.

You know, a part of me is glad that it went out that way. It was always entertaining seeing them bicker, and yet neither was willing to ever turn the other cheek and just ignore the other.

Oh, they “were” willing to turn the other cheek on that doodoohead, and officially refuse to engage with such a dumb-dumb.
The other, of course, responds that “absolutely” he’s willing to step away from a conversation with such an infuriating nincompoop, and to further engage with someone so uncouth would be merely foolishness.
And then they continue arguing. -_-

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That sounds like an accurate summary.

Welcome back (sort of) :)

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Welcome here!

As far as I know the RPG forums separated to 3 sites, but someone posted (I believe Sturn for my question) that this is the one with the most traffic. I believe Elias went to Nytwyng’s forum, I don’t know about Tramp.

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FFG decided to shut them down. I don’t know that we will ever know the real reason why, other than they wanted to shut them down.

The Archive Team did their best to make full backups of all the posts to the FFG Community site, and pass those over to the Internet Archive site where they can be archived long-term. I did the best I could to help that process along, but archiving of dying websites is a lonely activity, and a very small and tight-knit community. It also takes humongous amounts of disk space and lots and lots of network traffic.

I’m not sure where the other archives of the FFG site come from, but I’m glad to see that there were at least a couple of different groups working to achieve that same goal.

Lately, I’ve been more active on the related Discord channels than I have been on the websites, but I recently registered here, too.

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I appreciate your efforts! I’ve had a fun time trying to track down old posts that I remembered/had previously saved.

Oh I miss dearly 2P51 so much

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Sad fact though: Every product page for FFGs stuff has a link to the old forums, however when clicking it, the link only redirects you to the home page for FFG.

I think it is an oversight.

Right, those beautiful arts day after day :’(
Did he join another forum or retired?

Oh man, how GREAT would it have been if they had settled it with an actual boxing match?

I miss that silly boi Trampus.

No idea, But I looked forwards to his A-Wing shots. sometimes the timing was perfect for an A-Wing’s cute butt.

{I never did get off that addiction, A-Wing butts, Tooka butts, infact if I had to pick I’d take a Lothcat doing Elevator Butt in my face}

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To be fair, I’m not posting very actively on my own forums, let alone anywhere else. I just haven’t gotten into the groove of posting on them…haven’t gotten into any threads that spark particular conversation. All three of the “main” forums that were made with the FFG forums shutting down (my own included) have their advantages and setbacks (yeah…I went there), so maybe that’s why. But, I’m the same way on the Discord channel, too, so… /shrug


I wish we got some news about upcoming products or a peek behind the scenes, anything. The last few weeks there was less traffic as far as I saw, but it’s kinda hard to talk about anything if nothing happens…
But Armada got some spoilers so at least I can work with that. Even though the forum shut down essentially killed that community…